Minutes of Trust in Yellow Members' Meeting - Thursday 21 March

Minutes of Trust in Yellow Board Meeting - Thursday 21 March

Apologies (board members): Paul I, Bill S, Martyn O.


1. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

The Trust has received excellent feedback following the presentation to Earl Davis, including from Earl himself. Colin A was thanked for helping to arrange the event.

Jonathan O’Byrne explained that the Kevin Lee appeal has effectively reached its target and will run for a second season.  Kevin has been absent from the club recently following a second operation.

The end of season presentation to support the appeal will take place after the match against Luton Town on 20 April.


2. Treasurer’s Report

The Trust’s current balance stands at £24,582, including net funds available totalling £24,448.

Next match signs for the season so far have cost £492, while coaches have run to 18 away games, making a deficit of £433, mainly due to the weekend visit to Lincoln.

Membership of Supporters Direct has been renewed for £100 and £117 has gone towards the sponsorship of the club’s live match updates service. The Trust has received a few donations from supporters in return.

The final couple of payments from the former players’ reunion have been received, meaning the event generated a total of £2,075.


3. Memberships

Memberships currently stand at around 230.


4. Discussions with the club, including floodlights, heart monitors and offer of help to clean parts of the Jack Carr Stand.

The Trust has been in recent contact with Charlie Clapham. He said the club would be pleased for the Trust to clean the Jack Carr Stand toilets during the summer and the floodlights project remains ongoing.

He said the club is continuing to balance finances as carefully as they can and can’t be seen to be diverting finance away from the playing budget.

There was no response to the points raised in relation to the club’s reluctance to go ahead with the suggested lottery.

Straps are still missing from the heart monitors and need to be found before they can be sold. Colin A has contacted running clubs and the manufacturer in relation to finding replacement straps, and the manufacturer will make further enquires.


5. Plans and ideas for 2013

The Jack Carr Stand toilets will be painted in the summer, sponsorship of the match updates service and Player of the Month award will continue, and the idea of developing a Hall of Fame / Legends will be looked into.


6. Fundraising / social events

Enquiries will be made with the Rookery and Ainsdale Cricket Club about the cricket match, which should take place between the middle and end of July.

The quiz night and They Think it’s all a Question of Sport will be arranged for next season.


7. Coach Travel

Thanks to Phil C for arranging the weekend trip and Lincoln City for recommending the hotel. Members considered the weekend a real success.

31 supporters travelled on the coach. Several fans booked with the hotel directly, which was not the intention as it meant the Trust lost out. This will be addressed for future trips. The weekend cost the Trust £374.

More bookings are needed for coaches to the away match against Gateshead, and for the special offer to Forest Green Rovers and Grimsby Town.


8. Any other business



9. Next meetings

15 April (board).

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