Minutes Of Members' Meeting 10th Jan 2013

Apologies Martin OH

Matters from last minutes: - no more issue advised regarding website being compromised. Earl Davis has agreed to come back to the club for a presentation and a date is being negotiated.Noresponse to complaint about stewarding at Mansfield.

Treasurer’s report – Accounts stand at just under £25K once costs taken into account. Public liability renewed at same rate, but liability on number of people reduced to maintain quote. Coach travel at surplus of £15, but King’s Lynn trip subsidised to £100-150. £15K held in higher deposit account (1.5%) matures mid July.

Memberships – remain steady at around 230 members

Chairman’s response to floodlights/community projects/lottery suggestion:  We were advised by the chairman before Christmas that although they approved of the lottery suggestion, the club did not have enough resources to take it forward and wanted to know if the trust would take on the project. He also advised that there may be some developments in the next few weeks that could impact on the floodlights(we understood that to mean Everton u21’s agreement) and also wanted an answer on whether the trust would invest in the community initiative that the club are running(£2500 over 2 yrs). In addition to this we have been approached indirectly by the club in looking to purchase a water hog machine at around £750 as it is deemed that we cannot keep using the loyalty of the local cricket teams forever.

On the back of this it was decided that all these requests could be more that the funds in the bank with the prime focus being the floodlights if they are going ahead. Martin agreed to write to Charile and try and get an understanding of what is happening, as the planned meeting for 12th Jan was postponed due to away trip in trophy.  It was also suggested that we request for the heart monitors to be returned and sold on to pay for one of these options. It was noted that Colin and Paul I has good contacts within the athletics circles to try and sell these.

Coach travel – Phil has provisionally arranged a weekender for the Lincoln trip, departing Friday am/lunchtime and returning Sunday for £80 per head based on two people sharing on a bed and breakfast basis. This is based on a break even of 40. It was agreed to go ahead and market to see what sort of interest was out there.

Quiz – date had to be changed due to chase with club’s sportman’s dinner. A new date is yet to be arranged as we are awaiting Everton fixtures and other re-arranged games to come through. Martin to discuss with Jon OB if he is still planning a presentation evening for Kev Lee and if so when.

Next meetings:

Board meeting 21st Feb, member’s meeting 21st Mar

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