Minutes of Trust in Yellow Members' Meeting - Thursday 18 October

Apologies: Paul I, Martyn O.

1. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising


2. Treasurer’s Report

The Trust’s total balance currently stands at £24,683, with net funds available at £24,527.

The Race Night held on 6 October raised £869 and a further £25 in sponsorship is still due. All prizes were donated.

Coach travel has been arranged to seven of the eight away matches so far at a loss of £183.

Another 80 of the brochures marking last season’s eight straight away wins need to be sold to break even.

£15,000 of the Trust’s funds has been placed in a fixed term deposit, which matures in July and will earn interest of £168.

3. Memberships

Memberships currently stand at around 240.

4. Report from independent group raising money for Kevin Lee.

£3,210 has so far been raised towards to target of £3,800 for the project to support Kevin Lee. Around £1,100 was raised from the match between players and supporters last month.

There have been many individual donations and funds have been raised a lot quicker than expected. Signed shirts from Carl Baker and Mark Duffy have also been donated.

Jonathan O’Byrne explained there is scope to continue the project for a second year, possibly looking away from the club to raise more of the funds.

It was agreed that an end of season event will be arranged to support the project.

5. Community projects with Haydn Preece

Following his discussion with the Trust board at the last meeting, Haydn Preece was present to speak to members about the club’s community initiatives.

The club’s work in the community covers three areas in schools, ladies football and street games.

The club is in its third year of funding through the Premier League and PFA, with funding of £20,000 agreed for a fourth year. Any funding must be matched by the club, which is mainly provided by itself.

Alan Moogan is currently the only community coach and the club are looking to recruit two more from the playing squad.

The club is also developing a strong relationship with Southport College and hope to enter a team into the Conference Youth Alliance next season.

Haydn explained that the community activities were important in securing the recent stadium sponsorship with Merseyrail.

To fund the extra coaches, the club is currently looking for community partners at £2,500 a year. Local businesses such as Moore & Smalley Accountants have already agreed sponsorships with the club.

Haydn would like the Trust to consider becoming a community partner and possible funding of another community coach. He is also keen for the Trust to help distribute 6,000 lanyards to all primary school children in the town. He feels the lanyards can be used with a ticket or pass to encourage children to take advantage of the club’s free admission into home games.

6. Next meeting with the club

Representatives from the Trust board are due to meet the club ahead of the match against Hereford United on 27 October.

The floodlights project is currently dependent on the club raising their share of the funds. Ideas raised by members were discussed at the last meeting with the club in August.

Members present were happy for the Trust to discuss ideas for a successor to the club’s Goalden Lottery. Martin R has put together suggestions on how such a scheme could work and this will be sent to Charlie Clapham ahead of the meeting.

7. Player of the Month award

Members will be able to vote for their Player of the Month for the first time in October. Voting will be open until the last day of the month and a presentation made to the winning player at the match against Wrexham on 6 November.

8. Coach Travel

The Trust will be looking to arrange its weekend trip to the match at Lincoln City on 9 March.

It was noted that seats on the Wrexham supporters’ coach for their visit to Southport in November are being advertised at a more expensive price than the Trust coach to Wrexham for the FA Cup match.

9. Other fundraising events

The Make-Up and Perfume Party, which will be used to raise funds jointly for the Trust and Kevin Lee Appeal, takes place on 7 November.

The quiz will be held in February, with arrangements also due to be made for They Think it’s all a Question of Sport.

10. AOB

Colin A suggested the Trust should look at a way of arranging a tribute Earl Davis after his departure from the club. It was agreed that this will be looked into.

11. Next meeting

22 November (board).

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