Minutes of Trust in Yellow Members’ Meeting - Thursday 19 July

Apologies from board members: Paul I, Martyn O.

1. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

Jonathan O’Byrne reported on behalf of the group organising the fundraising project for Kevin Lee which will be launched shortly. A new website has been created using the Trust's current hosting service and a separate bank account is now open. The target for the project will be to raise £3,800 over the coming season and donations have already been received. A match between supporters and players will be held on Sunday 16 September.

2. Treasurer’s Report

The Trust's total balance is currently £23,698, including net funds available of £22,864.

Colin Aindow's run to Grimsby Town raised a total of £1,240 for the Trust. The run also generated £1,243 for Help for Heroes, including £721 which is currently held in the Trust account and is due to be transferred shortly.

Another 80 sales of the brochure marking Southport's eight straight away wins last season are needed to break even.

A profit of £365 has so far been made from the sales of the DVD from the former players' reunion last year. DVDs will be made available for general sale soon 

3. Memberships

Memberships currently stand at 257, with many renewals due in August.

4. Floodlights project

Representatives from the Trust board are due to meet with Charlie Clapham and other club officials on 27 July ahead of the club's AGM.

The meeting will be used to discuss how the club intends to progress with the floodlights project and the Trust hopes it can agree to hold regular meetings with the club in the future, given the lack of communication in recent months.

An article focussing on the Trust's fundraising efforts, including Colin Aindow's run to Grimsby, has been drafted and will be sent to the local press.

One member explained they have written a letter to Sam Shrouder regarding the poor level of communication from the club and they have received a response.

5. Club AGM

The club's AGM will take place on 27 July at 6pm. Phil C will submit a number of questions on the club's accounts.

Rob and Julia U will attend the meeting as the Trust's proxy as well as a number of other Trust members in their own right as shareholders.

6. Coach travel

The Trust wrote to three local companies asking for quotes for coach travel for the coming season, but only Elite Travel have responded.

Elite's prices for each trip have remained the same as last season, with the additional mileage for the season resulting in a small overall increase.

It was discussed whether the Trust would consider an additional pick-up in the town centre and possible link with The Sandgrounder on Lord Street, who have said they could arrange food for supporters before away trips. The viability of these suggestions will be discussed with Elite and those who regularly use the coach.

Supporters who travel will be reminded at the start of the season that consuming alcohol on coaches is strictly prohibited.

7. Cricket match

The cricket match takes place this coming Sunday at the Rookery against a team put together by Liam Watson. Three spaces are still available in the Trust's team.

8. Other events

The Trust's race night will take place on 6 October, following the home match against Nuneaton Town, with the first race at 6.30pm.

A quiz night will be held in November, with a date to be confirmed.

Julia U has been approached to see if a make-up party can be held in the Grandstand Bar. The organisers have said they would be willing to donate 80% of the profits made, which can be split equally between the Trust and the Kevin Lee project.

9. AOB

The Trust is looking for a triple extension ladder to replace the one currently used to change the next match signs at Haig Avenue.

Enquiries will be made about holding a Meet the Manager session with Liam Watson on 4 August after the final friendly against Rochdale.

10. Next meeting

23 August (AGM).

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