Minutes of TIY Board Meeting 4th August

Present:- Alan Scarisbrick; Phil Carder; Ben Kelly; Julia Urwin; Alan Jones; Rob Urwin;  Nick Catterall; Andy Kelly; Martin Robinson; Martyn O’Hara

1.Apologies for absence    Bill Sloan, Paul Isenwater

2.Minutes from previous meeting.  Read and accepted. No matters arising that weren’t to be covered elsewhere on the agenda.

3. Treasurer’s Report including Reserve team issues

Current balance stands at £7626.67, no outstanding creditors.  £3,800 has been paid to the club in regards to the Reserve Team (Allan Smart).  £150 has been paid for the sponsorship of Matty McGinn.

Acknowledgement received from Charlie Clapham thanking for the payment of monies outstanding and advised he will organise the issuing of the share certificates asap.

The total amount spent on the Reserves by the Trust had been £11,694. When the Trust receives the outstanding shares it will own in the region of  12000 shares in the club. In addition there are TIY members who hold shares as individuals.

It was confirmed that new signs had been erected for the first four fixtures.

The Non League 24 magazines had also yielded £14.42 credit, it was hoped sales of the publication would increase now the season had started.

4. Membership  This was confirmed at 205 members.

5. AGM + Ballot  Arrangements for the AGM were discussed.

6. Fundraising

Martyn O’Hara was invited to the meeting after showing interest in the last ‘Open’ meeting.

Martyn suggested several ideas for the upcoming Race Night on 18th September with the options of charging entry, laying on food for attendees, pre-paid tickets, etc;.

It was decided that it would cost £3 for a horse and £2 for a jockey.

£25 to sponsor a race and £50 to sponsor the night.

Other fundraising suggestions included ‘Buy a Brick’ and also if the proposed floodlight improvement scheme went ahead a variety of other suggestions were put forward.

7.Coach Travel

Coach travel bookings to Kidderminster and Cambridge  were slow but it was hoped that this would pick-up considerably by the time of the AFC Wimbledon game.

8.Meeting with Board

It was mooted that a meeting with the club should be arranged as soon as possible after the AGM to discuss matters in the light of the outcome of the votes. The meeting agreed to co-op Martyn O’Hara onto the board

9.Membership of Trust Board

It was felt we should increase the profile of Board members to the membership in general. One way would be to put profiles on the TIY website.

10. Any other business

Steve Wignall has agreed to sponsor every Danny Lloyd-McGoldrick goals with £100 going to TIY and £100 to charity.

It was felt a short statement was required in reaction to SFC reducing prices for 12-18 year olds.

11. Next meeting.

Wednesday, 1st September 7-45pm. Grandstand Bar.

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