Minutes of T.I.Y. board meeting on the 22nd April 2010

All committee present

 From the previous minutes, it has been made aware by the club that the supporter responsible for the incident at Redditch has been banned indefinitely from watching Southport home and away and thus has been banned indefinitely from travelling on trust coaches. The other supporter who had been ejected on two occasions has also been banned from travelling on Trust coaches.

 Finances – accounts stand at £12,709.07. £766 relates to advanced payment for coach travel. Also it was note that 55 DVD’s from the Lancashire cup final had so far been sold. Coach travel had made a surplus of £226 with an average of 37 per trip. Any play off game would be discounted.

Paul I. also advised a cheque was due from the ‘buy at webshop’.

Membership currently stands at 190.

Reserves – the trust have paid out £5868 so far but are still waiting for share certificates worth in excess of 3500 shares. We owe the club a further £382.83, with expected expenditure for the season £7100.

It was agreed that no further payments to the club would be made until the share certificates had been received. Third party payments would be honoured. Please note that the club had been notified of this in a letter sent 22/03, but the trust has not as yet received an acknowledgement.

 Despite an article in the programme suggesting talks are ongoing between the club and the trust, no communication has been made since the our letter sent 22/03.

Phil is to draft a follow up letter to be sent post season, explaining the situation and requesting a meeting.

Please also note that the reserves have been provisionally withdrawn from the Lancashire League, pending feedback from the club.

The reserves are currently top of the league and a trophy for the reserve team player of the year is ready. This will be presented at the last league game of the season against Workington on 29th April. It was also noted that the youth team had won their league. 

Events – Rob had suggested a 48 page souvenir booklet if we were to win the league and this had been costed at around £700 for 500 copies and would be charged at £3 each. Alan J had offered to help out.

We would also lbe holding a 'race night', an 'evening with Graham Lloyd' and hopefully a pre season event with the players such as cricket or ten pin bowling.

Phil advised that membership of supporters direct was due shortly and our AGM and next meetings would be arranged once the club provided feedback regarding a new meeting with them.



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