Minutes of Trust Meeting

March 18th

Minutes of TIY open meeting, 18 March 2010 

Committee present: Martin R, Phil C, Rob U, Julia U, Nick C, Alan J

Meeting chaired by Martin R in the absence of Alan S 

1.      Matters arising from minutes of previous meeting


2.      Coach travel

The Trust was very disappointed to learn of the recent misbehaviour of individual supporters at away matches, particularly an incident at Redditch United, when a Trust member was ejected from the ground having travelled on the Trust coach. Police were called to the ground following the incident. The Trust abhors any misbehaviour and takes such incidents very seriously. 

The Trust was advised that the individual ejected at Redditch had previously been well-behaved at all matches and has no record of causing trouble. At the same time, the Trust must show that any misbehaviour will not be tolerated, particularly when a supporter has travelled on the Trust coach, and must try to deter any future incidents. 

It was agreed that the member will be banned from travelling on Trust coaches until the end of the season. He will then be invited to meet with the Trust board when he will be asked to pledge to behave responsibly in the future. A letter will now be written to the member explaining the situation. Similar action will be taken against members who misbehave in the future. 

The Trust will remind those who travel on coaches of their obligation to behave responsibly on the coach and at matches.

 It was confirmed that no coach will run to the match at Gloucester next Tuesday.

 Bookings are currently being taken for travel to the Lancashire Junior Cup final against Clitheroe at the Reebok Stadium on 14 April, priced at £6 for members.

 3.      Finances (including funding of reserves)

The Trust’s total cash balance currently stands at just over £11,900.

 £3,500 is currently owing in share certificates from the club and a letter has been drafted to Charlie Clapham advising him of the same.

 The Trust has received correspondence from Mr Clapham explaining that he would prefer future payments in relation to the funding of the reserve team to be made in the form of a donation, rather than in return for shares in the club. The Trust considers this to be unacceptable and conflicts with the resolution passed by Trust members last year. A response will be sent to Mr Clapham outlining the Trust’s position.

 4.      Report on progress of discussions with the club and future strategy

Regrettably, the meeting scheduled between members of the Trust board and the club board on March 6 was cancelled by Mr Clapham at 24 hours’ notice due to a business meeting that had been arranged late. Members were advised of this in the most recent newsletter and on the Trust’s website.

 This is the third time the meeting has been postponed: firstly because Sam Shrouder was unavailable and secondly due to the postponement of the Workington match, when the meeting was scheduled to take place. Mr Clapham has suggested that the meeting is now delayed until we know which division the club will be playing in next season, but the Trust believes that the majority of the issues due to be discussed are pertinent irrespective of the club’s status. The Trust is in regular correspondence with Mr Clapham and he has been advised of the Trust’s wish for a meeting as soon as possible.

 The Trust remains keen to meet with the club and provide support in its future development. However, the lack of a meeting with the club board currently makes it difficult for the Trust to assist the club. As yet, Mr Clapham has not entered into any discussions with the Trust regarding next season.

 Among the matters in need of discussion is the future of the reserve team. As the Trust has not been advised of the club’s position in relation to a reserve team next season, the Trust has suggested to the club that it might want to consider provisionally resigning from the Lancashire League before the end of March so as to avoid the £500 charge that would be incurred by resignation after that date. This does not mean the reserve team will cease next season but is a way of avoiding a charge should the club decide not to continue. The Trust awaits clarification on the club’s position.

 5.      Events

The proposed golf day has not materialised as Terry McDonald has been unable to organise it. However, in its place, the Trust will discuss with him the possibility of a sportsman’s evening, which would be open to everyone.

Graham Lloyd’s “One Man Football Show” is scheduled for the beginning of next season.

 6.      Next open meeting

The next members’ meeting will take place in May but the date is subject to confirmation as the board would like to report back should the meeting the club take place before the end of that month.

The next board meeting was arranged for Thursday 22 April.

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