Minutes of Trust in Yellow Board Meeting - Thursday 23 February

Apologies: Alan S, Paul I, Martyn O.

1. Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising


2. Treasurer’s Report

The current balance stands at £21,991.34, which has recently been boosted by the commission from a number of winners of the club’s Goalden Lottery. £714 is held for future coach trips, including the weekend visit to York City, with net funds available at £21,278.01.

3. Memberships

Current memberships stand at 229, with only a small number of renewals due before the end of the season.

4. Sponsored run to Grimsby

The board was joined by Colin Aindow, who explained that sponsorships are now starting to come in ahead of his run to Grimsby Town on the final day of the season. A sponsorship drive is still needed and the Trust will look to produce flyers to distribute at home matches and make contact with a number of local businesses.

As part of his preparations, Colin is due to complete the Blackpool Marathon in the next fortnight. Contact has been made with the majority of Non-League clubs which Colin is due to call in at on his way, but it has proved more difficult to get a response from the Football League and Premier League clubs.

5. Brochure to celebrate away wins

The Trust will be producing a 36-page A4 brochure to mark the club’s record-breaking eight straight away wins this season. It was agreed that the brochure will be sold for £6 with a print run of 500. Most of the content has been compiled and it should be available in time for the final few home matches of the season.

The brochure will include a tribute to Sally Devine, which the Trust is pleased to be publishing. All profits raised from the sale of the brochure will go to the MacMillan Nurses in memory of Sally.

6. Coach trips including York City

As the weekend trip to Braintree Town was cancelled and the match eventually postponed, the Trust will now be looking to arrange a similar event for the game at York City on 24 March. Monies held from the Braintree trip will be carried over.

No coach will run to the match at Ebbsfleet United. The Trust board is aware of recent comments made in relation to the running of coaches but the current policy is to ensure coach travel breaks even.

A profit has been made on trips during the season so far and it has already been decided that this will be used to subsidise the coach to Grimsby Town on the final day. Phil C will draft an article for the website and programme to clarify the Trust’s pricing policy on coach travel.

7. Floodlights project

The Trust recently received a response from Charlie Clapham, who has said that he hopes the club’s application for a Football Foundation grant will be considered by the relevant committee in April. It was agreed that the meeting requested with the club should take place once the application has been submitted.

8. Other fundraising / events

It is hoped that the cricket match on 22 July can be held at Ainsdale Cricket Club. The Trust will be looking to hold an event similar to last year’s ‘They Think it’s all a Question of Sport’ night to tie in with the club’s Player of the Season awards. Enquiries have been made about holding a programme fair and it was agreed that a quiz night should take place later in the year.

9. Reunion DVD / sponsorship of the “Southport Football Show”

Media students from Edge Hill University have produced a DVD from the former players’ reunion organised by the Trust last October. An initial run of 130 will be ordered, selling at £5 each, of which £1 will go to the students to cover their costs.

The same students had produced a highlights package from a number of first team matches before Christmas which were published on the club’s website as the “Southport Football Show”. The students have now finished their project but are currently looking for a sponsor so they can film the upcoming games against Kettering Town and Stockport County at £100 a match. It was agreed that the Trust would sponsor the students so they can film these two games.

10. Stockport County supporters’ sponsored bike ride

So far 48 people are due to complete the bike ride organised by the Stockport County supporters’ co-operative to the match on 17 March. The Trust will look into a way of welcoming the participants when they arrive at Haig Avenue.

11. Constitution / rule change

The Trust is required to give all members the opportunity to consider the proposed constitution and rule changes before they are adopted. All members will be notified of these changes as part of the paperwork sent out ahead of this year’s AGM.

12. AOB

The Trust has been contacted by supporter Mark Iddon, who is producing a brochure on the club’s 1905/06 season. Mark has kindly said he will donate £1 from every sale to the Trust.

13. Next meeting

22 March (members).


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The Board of Trust In Yellow have decided that with the weather situation showing little sign of improvement this week the sensible thing to do it cancel our planned weekend away to Braintree next weekend.

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Minutes of Trust in Yellow Members' Meeting - Thursday 26 January

Apologies: Paul I, Martyn O.

1. Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising

The Trust has spoken to Liam Watson about recognising the players’ achievements this season, including the record-breaking away run. Liam has said he would prefer this to be done on the last day of the season.

It is unlikely that the Trust will proceed with the brochure in memory of Sally Devine. However, the Trust still wants to mark Sally’s contribution to the club and the legacy she left to the Trust, possibly by using her photographs in future Trust publications and when the floodlights project is completed. 

2. Treasurer’s Report

The Trust’s current balance is £22,142, including £977 held for future coach trips. Net funds available to the Trust are £21,165.

A surplus of £351 has been made on away travel and this will be used mainly to subsidise the coach to Grimsby. Around £1,800 has been generated in new memberships and renewals since July.

3. Memberships

The current membership is around 230 and has continued to rise gradually.

4. Sponsored run to Grimsby

Colin Aindow reported that his training is going well ahead of his run to Grimsby on the final day of the season. Recent weeks have seen coverage for Colin’s run in the local press, around the ground and on the internet.

Colin said that he has received good feedback, although getting sponsorships from people has been difficult. The Trust will contact a number of local businesses in the hope of getting corporate sponsorships on board.

5. Weekend visit to Braintree and other coach trips

There are only a few spaces left on the weekend trip to the match at Braintree Town on 11 February. The coach will leave on the Friday morning, with an overnight stay in Southend on the first day and Braintree on the Saturday. Southend United have agreed let the Trust have a number of discounted tickets for their game on the Friday night.

6. Floodlights project

The Trust is disappointed with the lack of communication from the club about the progress of the floodlights project. It is not clear whether the application for a grant from the Football Foundation has been submitted. The Trust has written to Charlie Clapham three times for an update but has yet to receive a response.

It is still thought that the new floodlights are unlikely to be installed before the close-season. The Trust has also asked for a meeting with representatives from the club.

7. Other events

Following the success of last summer’s cricket match against a team put together by Liam Watson, the Trust has agreed to arrange another match for 22 July. Possible venues are being explored.

Enquiries will be made about arranging a programme fair and the possibility of holding a quiz night was discussed.

8. Stockport County supporters’ sponsored bike ride

The Trust has been contacted by the Stockport County supporters’ co-operative, who are arranging a bike ride to the match at Haig Avenue on 17 March. Any Southport fans wanting to take part are invited and the Trust has put the organisers in contact with the club regarding their request for free entry to the game.

9. AOB

The Trust was saddened to hear of the death of Anita Shaw, who served local football in various roles and was also the reserve team secretary during the season it was funded by the Trust.

10. Next meetings

23 February (board), 22 March (members).

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Agenda For Members' Meeting

Thursday, 26th January, 2012.  7-30pm Grandstand Bar 

1.  Apologies for absence.
2.  Minutes of last meeting and matters arising.
3.  Treasurer's report
4.  Membership
5.  Sponsored run to Grimsby.
6.  Braintree/Southend weekend and other coach trips.
7.  Floodlights Project and communications with the club
8.  Other events 
9.  Stockport County supporters ‘Sponsored Bike ride’.
10. Any other business
11. Next meetings
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