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 The next 'Open meeting' for T.I.Y. members is on Tuesday, 1st December at 7-30pm in the Grandstand Bar.

Amongst other items on the agenda there will be a report of Saturday's meeting between 'Trust In Yellow' and the Club Chairman and Vice-Chairman.  

To read a copy of the letter that was sent to the club, which served as an agenda for the meeting, click view more.

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Meeting with the Club Chairman

The date arranged, 14th November, for this meeting has been changed to Saturday, 28th November so that the Club Vice- Chairman, Sam Shrouder, can also be present. There will be a report back to members at the next T.I.Y. meeting on Tuesday, 1st December.

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Report of the Supporters Direct National Conference for 2009

Meeting held on held on Friday 16th October.

Supporters Direct is a national organisation whose aim is to encourage the growth of Supporters Trusts to ensure football supporters (and now Rugby League supporters as well) have a democratic voice in the running of their clubs. This year’s conference was at Birmingham’s NEC which is very near that hotbed of football which is Solihull Moors’ ground. In fact the previous week it had taken me just over two hours to drive from my home in Brighouse to our match at Solihull. This morning it took over three hours due to a hold up on the M1 and as I drove towards the enormous NEC car parking area I wondered where to park. ‘Fortunately’ the car in front had a large Morecambe FC scarf in the window so for the first time in my life I followed Morecambe as I assumed they were going to the same meeting as me. A big mistake as in fact there isn’t a Trust at Morecambe and they were going to a Caravan exhibition! I must remember never to pay any attention to Morecambe again!

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Meeting with Southport FC Chairman Arranged

As you will know, Trust In Yellow has been trying to arrange a meeting with Mr. Clapham for some time. The date agreed of 24th October had to be changed because of the FA Cup draw which gave us a match at Gateshead. However, the meeting will now go ahead on the 14th November. We thought members would like to see a copy of the letter we will be sending to the Chairman in preparation for the meeting.

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October 2009 Newsletter

The October 2009 Trust In Yellow Newsletter is now available for download.

This issue contains important information in advance of the meeting with Southport FC chairman Charles Clapham.

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