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Minutes of Trust in Yellow Members’ Meeting - Thursday 6 October

Apologies: Paul I.


1. Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising

The Race Night held on 1 October was a success, with a profit of £548.82 raised to date and some monies still owed. The Trust would like to thank the players and supporters who attended.


2. Treasurer’s Report

The current balance stands at £19,175, with £384 held for future coach trips. Net funds available to the Trust are currently £18,745.


At present the Trust has broken even on the former players’ reunion, with all outgoings met and funds raised from now on will be profit. The Prince of Wales has agreed to reduce the numbers expected to 200.


£1,335 has been brought in through memberships since the start of July.


The pledge scheme continues to be a regular source of income for the Trust, with Steve Wignall thanked for his recent contribution of £ 100  for every goal scored by Simon Grand.


3. Memberships

210 is the current membership.


4. Players reunion

A large turnout is expected from the clubs former Football League players. The Trust will look to find a way of thanking Geoff Wilde for his considerable efforts in helping arrange the event. Trust board members will be available to help on the night.


5. Fundraising

An event will be considered to tie in with the launch of the floodlights when the likely timeframe becomes clearer. It was suggested the Trust could look to put together a publication to mark the clubs 130th anniversary. Enquiries will be made about costings and sponsorship.


6. Floodlights project

The Trust is keen to make progress with this project and has been in contact with Charlie Clapham to ensure things are moving forward. Mr Clapham has said the club is currently putting the finishing touches to the application for the grant that will be considered by the Football Foundation. He says the bid will be considered at the Foundations next meeting, which the Trust believes will take place later this month. According to the Football Foundation website it takes about 12 weeks for the Foundation to consider a club’s application.


7. Coach travel

Take-up on the special offer to Mansfield has been good, with one coach now full. A provisional list is being made for a possible second coach, although a minimum of 30 bookings will be required for this to run. The Trust will look to run the coach to Kettering Town on 5 November at £16 for members on the basis of 40 people will travel. Coach travel has made a loss of £104 so far this season.


8. Weekend trip to Braintree

The Trust will be looking to arrange a weekend trip to the match at Braintree Town on 11 February. Martyn O hopes to publish the details within the next week so supporters can start to make bookings. It is hoped that a package to include travel, bed and breakfast can be arranged for around £90. Martyn is currently in the process of getting quotes from a number of hotels in Southend and Clacton-on-Sea. It was suggested that a sponsored walk could be arranged for the last 10k of the trip. The first instalment of payments will be a non-refundable deposit of £20  to be made at the Tamworth match on 22 October.


9. Any other business

The Trust has been asked by the club to support the upcoming Sportsman’s Dinner. While the Trust will not be taking up a table, it will help publicise the event to members.


Liam Watson has completed 250 league matches as Southport manager which is something the Trust will look to recognise. It will also be a way of thanking Liam for his support of Trust events, such as the cricket match, Race Night and quiz night in recent months.


10. Next meeting

Board (to be confirmed),Members ( 1 December).


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Special Offer - Mansfield

Seats on the coach to Mansfield on Saturday 15th October are available for just £12 for the first 49 members who book. Call Alan Scarisbrick on 07980 911 693 or call into the Trust office at the next home game. The coach will depart from Haig Avenue at 11am.

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Forest Green Coach Cancelled

Unfortunately the coach to Forest Green has been cancelled due to a lack of bookings.


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Minutes of Trust in Yellow Board Meeting - Thursday 7 July

Apologies: Paul I, Julia U


Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising

The brochure in memory of Sally Devine is set to be released at the first league match against Lincoln City. All of Sally’s photos have now been obtained, with a print run of 500 costing £1,290. The brochure will be sold at £6 per copy, with all profits raised going to the McMillan Nurses, who have also agreed to sell the brochure in their shops.

Treasurer’s Report

The Trust’s total balance stands at £15,897, which includes £100 commission recently received through a winner of the club’s Goalden Lottery.


Membership currently stands at 196. A large number of renewals are due before the start of the new season. Reminders will be sent out and efforts will be made to bring back lapsed memberships, with flyers to be prepared and handed out at the Lincoln match.

Floodlights project and forum with club

The Trust’s priority is to get the club to confirm its plans for the floodlights project. As the Trust’s plans and fundraising activities for the coming year will be shaped around this scheme, it is important that details are finalised so they can be released to members as soon as possible. The Trust’s board has asked for a meeting with Charlie Clapham to confirm the arrangements.

The Trust is still keen to hold an open forum for members with representatives from the club, including Charlie Clapham and Liam Watson. The preferred list of topics, which was agreed by members at the last open meeting, has been submitted to Mr Clapham and the Trust is now waiting for a response to confirm his availability.

Coach travel

Now the fixtures have been published, Phil C will obtain quotes from local companies for the cost of coach travel for the season. After the overwhelming success of the weekend trip to Eastbourne last season, the Trust would like to arrange a similar trip again, with the match at Braintree on February 11 and an overnight stay in Southend the preferred option. A day trip to York on March 24 will be explored, as will an early-season special offer, once prices have been confirmed.


The Trust almost has a full team for the cricket match against Liam Watson and his players on July 31 at the Rookery. The match will be 20 overs a side, with Phil C arranging the kit and catering, while entry on the day will be free.

Geoff Wilde has made contact with all former Football League players ahead of the reunion on October 9. Tickets will be printed by Watkinson & Bond and letters are now ready to be sent to the former players.

Provided the date is convenient with Liam Watson and the players, it is planned that the ‘Race Night’ will be held after the Cambridge United match on October 1, with the first race at 6.30pm.


Phil C and Martin R will attend the Supporters’ Direct Annual Conference in Chester later this month. Meanwhile, the Trust will look into producing some memorabilia to mark the club’s 130th anniversary this year. Accounts on Facebook and Twitter will be set up in an attempt to encourage more people to interact with the Trust and raise awareness of upcoming activities.

Dates of next meeting

10 August (AGM)

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Minutes of Members Meeting – 2nd June

Apologies: Martyn O’Hara, Bill Sloan

Finances stand at £15699 with £5314 donated through Sally Devine’s estate. Deposit of £875 paid to Prince of Wales. No other money to outlay.

Membership stands in the region of 180

Martin reviewed the meeting with the club on Easter Monday. It was thought that planning permission for the floodlights was due to be heard on 2nd June. No decision had been made one way of the other regarding floodlights and Phil had written to the club asking for a fans forum with Charlie, Liam and Haydn to discuss all the issues concerning the supporters at present. The forum would be for trust members only.

Charlie had replied and apologised for the delay and said once the situation with a certain football club had been resolved he would look at arranging a date, probably towards the end of June. Charlie also requested some areas for discussion.

A brain storming session was had at the meeting and the following areas were raised as topics:

Annual losses and financial accountability

Succession planning

Timing of departure of coaching staff

Community coaching & FA Charter

Competitive budget and approach to the season ahead

Commercial areas

Sustaining attendances

Structure of the board

FA Cup & Transfer money

An updated newsletter would be issued requesting if any further topics were missed and should be added.

Coach travel – one person has been banned after the issues with the Kettering coach, another will be spoken to by Alan and either banned or severely reprimanded.

Events – cricket match, S&B kindly offered there ground free of charge for use of the next match signs to promote the county cricket match. Unfortunately a suitable date could not be found and it was decided to schedule the cricket match at the Rookery on Sunday 31st July. The Trust would use it’s insurance as cover and the player and supporters would have use of the bar. £5 for trust members to play, £10 for no members. Phil to provide equipment and martin to advertise for players and umpires in the newsletter.

Players re-union – 9th October. Well publicised in local and national press. 22 football league players remaining to contact and non league players are being worked on.

Race Night – scheduled for September, waiting for fixtures to be released. Liam has requested early start to allow all the players to attend.

AGM scheduled for Aug/Sept.

Brochure for Sally’s photos – All profits to go to MacMillan nurses. Rob has received all the laptop photos and is awaiting more photos. The trust are looking to produce a 36 page A4 brochure with 500 run and £6 sale price. Sally’s partner keen to be involved. Alan Jones to design front cover. Requests for titles sought.. Aim to launch for mid July.

Next meeting – 7th July board meeting

10th August – AGM and open meeting.

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