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The Trust had a productive meeting with Charlie Clapham before the Salisbury match. The club plans to go ahead with installing new floodlights this summer even if we get relegated.

A full report will be given at next months members meeting.

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Many of you will have used our webshop which raised a total of nearly GBP600 for Trust funds. A new company easyfundraising has now taken over the site and we are relaunching our webshop with them, hopefully to raise a great deal more money. The great advantage of this scheme is that it is a way in which you can raise money for T.I.Y. without it costing you any more than you would normally spend when you shop online.

There are over 2,700 well known retailers, including Amazon, John Lewis and Tesco who will donate a small percentage of what you spend to Trust In Yellow (Southport FC) to say thank you for shopping with them.

It's a really simple process, all you have to do is:

Go to the site at

Press the Green button Support a good cause and on the next page choose Trust In Yellow (Southport FC) and register to support us. (It may suggest you install the easy fundraising bar. You may not want to do that but perhaps make it one of you favourites so you can have a look at it whenever you shop online.

Explore the site and see what retailers and offers are available.

When you want to buy something you just type in the box the store eg amazon or Tesco (or click on those which are shown) and it takes you through to that site. If say you already have an Amazon account it will take you through to that account as usual

All the retailers on the site have listed the donation that they are prepared to give each time you buy, enabling you to see exactly what you will raise for TIY from each and every transaction.

Each time you start shopping through easy fundraising you have to make sure you are signed in so that any money raised goes to TIY

Why not go to and judge for yourself

Easysearch Search the web and raise money for Trust In Yellow

If you are one of the millions of people that use a search engine like Google every day you could switch your searching to easysearch and raise money for Trust In Yellow without spending anything yourself.

Every time you search the web using instead of your usual search engine, you'll raise half a penny for Trust In Yellow (Southport FC). Search just 15 times a day and you can raise around GBP25 a year.

So the next time you need to find something online, please use and raise money for Trust In Yellow (Southport FC) with every search you make!

Why not add it to your favourites bar?

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Supporters travelling to Grimsby on Saturday can benefit from a £2 discount on tickets booked in advance online.

See and go to 'visitors stand'.

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The meeting between the club and the Trust originally scheduled for Saturday 1st February will now take place on Saturday 15th February.
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Want to reduce your energy bills? Thinking of changing your energy supplier? Here is how you can reduce your energy bills AND help Trust In Yellow at the same time

Supporters Direct which is the umbrella group for all Supporters Trusts in the country, has teamed up with Co-operative Energy to offer a deal which could significantly reduce your energy bills whilst at the same time giving a £25 donation to Trust In Yellow.

Co-operative Energy is a subsidiary of Midcounties Co-operative, one of the largest independent co-operatives in the UK operating convenience stores, pharmacies, post offices and funeral care throughout the Midlands along with The Co-operative Childcare, a chain of over fifty children’s nurseries across England.

Co-operative Energy offers just one straightforward standard tariff and pledges to keep its rate below the standard tariffs offered by the Big 6 suppliers. Unlike other suppliers, existing customers and new customers are all on the same tariff. Co-operative Energy pledges to beat its major competitors in sourcing renewable energy. In 2012, 44% of the energy was from renewable (non-nuclear) sources.

“Our co-operative structure is very attractive to customers. It sometimes feels like energy suppliers put their shareholders first and their customers last. The great thing about a co-operative is that no-one other than the members have their finger in the pie,” says Ramsay Dunning, General Manager.

“We’re growing rapidly, but staying true to our promises and values. When some energy suppliers were hiking their prices by as much as 11%, we announced a more modest 2.5% average tariff increase to cover the rising energy industry costs which are out of our control. Additionally, our new range of competitively-priced fixed price tariffs has been designed to give our customers complete peace of mind without any early termination fees. You will benefit from a simplified competitive tariff”

What’s in the scheme for Trust In Yellow? For each supporter referred to the Co-operative Energy dual fuel tariff through us we are given a £25 donation

For more information call 0800 093 7550 or visit

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