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Are you going abroad this summer? Will you be attending a sporting event or a football match either at home or overseas?

If so, then Trust in Yellow want to hear from you.

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Dale Martin (France) v John Dennis (Germany)

Andre Le Roi (1,Brazil)) v Colin Aindow (Colombia)

Dave Gostelow (Argentina) v Frank Winrow (Belgium)

Andre Le Roi (2,Netherlands)) v Noel Warham (Costa Rica)

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Andre Le Roi (1,Brazil)) v Mike Billington Jnr (Chile)

Colin Aindow (Colombia) v Warwick Monk (Uruguay)

Andre Le Roi (2,Netherlands)) v Frank Winrow (1,Mexico))

Noel Warham (Costa Rica) v Steve Fisher (Greece)

Dale Martin (France) v James Treadwell (Nigeria)

John Dennis (Germany) v Alan Jones (Algeria)

Dave Gostelow (Argentina) v Mike Billington Snr (Switzerland)

Frank Winrow (2,Belgium)) v Brenda Billington (USA)

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The draw for Trust in Yellow’s World Cup Sweepstake was made by Southport manager Martin Foyle on Monday.

Thanks to everyone who has taken part. The supporter with the winning country at the World Cup final on 13 July will receive the £100 prize fund.

Details of the draw are below. Good luck to your team and from the Trust, we hope you enjoy the World Cup this summer.

Martin is pictured with sweepstake co-ordinator Colin Aindow.


Group A

Andre Le Roi (1,Brazil)), Jean Robinson (Croatia), Frank Winrow (1,Mexico)), Martin Fisher (Cameroon)

Group B

Martin Robinson (Spain), Andre Le Roi (2,Netherlands)), Mike Billington Jnr (Chile), Adam Cailler (Australia)

Group C

Colin Aindow (Colombia), Steve Fisher (Greece), Michael Swift (Ivory Coast), Brian Myer (Japan)

Group D

Warwick Monk (Uruguay), Noel Warham (Costa Rica), Phil Carder (England), Rob Urwin (Italy)

Group E

Mike Billington Snr (Switzerland), Bill Sloan (Ecuador), Dale Martin (France), Stephen Murphy (Honduras)

Group F

Dave Gostelow (Argentina), Nicci Daszewski (Bosnia-Hercegovina), Cath Wohlers (Iran), James Treadwell (Nigeria)

Group G

John Dennis (Germany), Jonathan Beverley (Portugal), Denise Fisher (Ghana), Brenda Billington (USA)

Group H

Frank Winrow (2,Belgium)), Alan Jones (Algeria), Julia Urwin (Russia), Kathryn Fisher (South Korea)

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All teams for our World Cup sweepstake have now been sold. A second sweep may run if there is enough demand so if you're interested in taking part but haven't entered yet, send your name to and you will be put on a waiting list.

Please do not make any payment until it has been confirmed whether or not a second sweep will be running.

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