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Summary of Southport FC / Trust in Yellow meeting, October 1 2016

Ahead of the recent home match against Bromley, representatives from the Trust board met with members of the club board. A summary of the meeting is below.



Southport FC: Nigel Allen, Liam Watson, Haydn Preece

Trust in Yellow: Martin Robinson, Noel Warham, Howard Birch, Alan Jones


A brief overview was given of the recent changes to the club’s board. The Trust welcomes the changes and the Trust provided details of its own background and recent activities.

The club is aware of the structured dialogue approach which Supporters Direct is looking to implement at all levels of the game as a best practice for clubs to communicate with supporter groups.

The club is keen to engage in structured dialogue and NA, LW and HP will be the three directors who in future meet with the Trust and feed back to the club board.

The Trust has held meetings with the club in the past but these have usually been sporadic. It was agreed that it is important for meetings to be held regularly between both parties.

The club will be looking to engage in regular dialogue with the Trust and meetings will try to be arranged on non-matchdays.

LW is happy to attend Trust members’ meetings to answer questions from supporters.

The club’s immediate priority is results on the pitch to ensure it remains in the National League. The club is keen to make broader improvements which will focus the matchday experience, engagement with fans and the club’s commercial activities.

The club intends to consult the Trust to gauge supporter opinion on possible future changes which affect fans.

The club supports the Trust’s desire to improve the viewing facilities for disabled supporters and will support an application for a grant for a scheme.

The current layout of the ground causes restrictions, meaning there will be an element of compromise to the viewing platform. It was agreed that the paddock at the Blowick side of the Grandstand is the best area available for a new structure.

The Trust’s current plans include capacity for up to four disabled fans based on enquiries made at matches, though the club’s figures show an average attendance of seven disabled fans.

Further enquiries will be made by both the club and the Trust in relation to the number of disabled fans who attend games and the possibility of increasing the capacity of the disabled viewing platform.

It was suggested that the chances of a grant being awarded might be affected if the scheme was for less than the average number of wheelchair users who attend matches.

NA suggested areas where the club could help with the development which HB will look at.

The Trust has been contacted about the lack of disabled parking facilities for fans who attend matches. The club will look into this.

The Trust’s planned programme of events for the season was discussed. The players will attend the Race Night and alternative dates for the Question of Sport quiz will be considered so that LW will be able to have a team in the quiz.

The club supports the Trust’s plans to mark the promotion season of 1966/67.

After the Trust’s next board meeting on October 11, the Trust will contact the club with suggested dates in November for the next meeting.

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FA Youth Cup

Southport Youth play their FA Youth Cup second round qualifying tie against Altrincham next Wednesday, October 5, kick-off 7.45pm.

The match takes place at the Merseyrail Community Stadium. Admission is £5 and concessions £3. Please come along to support the lads.

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Minutes of Trust in Yellow AGM

The minutes from our AGM on September 20 are online HERE.

The meeting was productive and very well attended. Thanks to all members who were there and contributed.

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AGM on Tuesday September 20

We hold our AGM on Tuesday (20th) at 7.30pm in the Grandstand Bar.

We hope as many members as possible will attend to discuss the recent changes at the club and what the Trust's reaction should be. We have already agreed an initial meeting between representatives from the Trust board and the new board of directors and there will be the opportunity for members to suggest what issues TIY should raise with the club at this meeting.

There will also be a presentation on the Trust's proposed scheme to improve disabled facilities at the club as well as details of the Trust's 'Get Involved' series of events for the season culminating with the exhibition at the Atkinson next spring to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the club winning promotion from the Fourth Division.

There are still vacancies on the Trust Board and members who might be interested to be co-opted are particularly invited to attend on Tuesday to find out more of what it involves.



1. Apologies for Absence

2. Brief review of Trust’s activities during the year (Martin Robinson)

3. Financial report (Jordan Shandley)

5. Membership report (Bill Sloan)

6. Election of board members.

Bill Sloan is up for re-election and Jordan Shandley and Kayley Robinson for election)

There will also be the opportunity for members to express an interest in being co-opted on to the Board.

7. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising.

8. Trust plans for improving disabled viewing facilities at ground (Howard Birch).

9. Trust’s relationship with the club and future strategy

Following the recent changes in the Club Board we hope there will be new opportunities for the Trust to work with the Club and put forward supporters’ views and ideas. This AGM is an opportunity for members to give their opinions as to what direction the Trust should take over the next few months.

10. Programme of events 2016/7 (Noel Warham)

Details of our ‘Get Involved’ events including October’s Race Night and later in the season our celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Club getting promotion from the 4th Division.

11. Coach Travel.

12. Any other business

To include formal updating of Trust rules and address of ‘registered office’.

13. Dates of next meetings

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Trust statement regarding new club directors

Trust in Yellow would like to congratulate Liam Watson, Nigel Allen and David Barron on their appointment to the board of Southport Football Club.

All three gentlemen are well known to be staunch supporters of the club and their formal involvement in this capacity heralds a new era for the club.

In particular, we look forward once again to working with Liam Watson, who has supported the Trust in a number of different ways during his various spells as manager, and indeed most recently in helping to organise the tenth anniversary celebrations of the 2005 Conference North title-winning team.

We are also encouraged by comments made by the club chairman, Charlie Clapham, that 'we will engage with Trust in Yellow in order that we take everyone with us on this journey.'

We are scheduled to meet with the chairman and members of the board within the next month and, as not only a body that represents supporters, but also as a major shareholder in the club, we look forward to discussing the Trust's role in the new direction of the football club as it moves forward.

We look forward to further developing a positive working relationship with the club, whilst at the same time ensuring that the views of our members are appropriately and robustly represented through improved communication, and exploring whether Trust representation on the board could be placed on the agenda.

Given these new developments, it could be argued that there has never been a better time to be a member of Trust in Yellow, as we look to engage with the club on behalf of all supporters, and would encourage all supporters to join together under the auspices of the Trust, as together we are stronger.

We are in no doubt that both the Trust and the board of the football club have the same common goal in mind - to see Southport FC successful both on and off the pitch.

We will endeavour to keep all members appraised as to any developments in what is sure to be an interesting and hopefully positive period.

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