Trust in Yellow Ballot Members Regarding Purchase of Heart Monitors

At Trust in Yellows' meeting with the club (Saturday 14th July 2007) Southport Football Club finally confirmed that there would be no reserve team despite Trust in Yellow successfully achieving its' target of raising £7,000 to purchase a mini bus which would make reserve team football viable.

In recent weeks, Huw Griffthys has approached Trust in Yellow with a proposal to purchase the Polar Team System. An advanced set of heart rate monitors used in Elite Level Football. The system allows the management team to get the players playing at their physical peak.

UEFA A badge qualified coach Huw explained that the equipment will provide a lot more advantages than merely measuring heart rate, " This equipment will put us at the forefront of sports science on the non-league scene. Its' fantastic equipment and it allows us to individualise training. Both myself and Peter (Davenport) are qualified in sports' science background. It is something we take seriously.

Hugh explained that the equipment will ensure players reach their physical peak, " The equipment comes with computerised software which takes five minutes to download, this allows us to assess the players intensity and workrate. If a player is not training to his true intensity we can send them back out on the pitch to work harder. Alternatively, the consequence of a player overtraining is injury. We can reduce the possibility of pulls and strains this will benefit both young and older players."

Huw is delighted Trust in Yellow will consider this proposal. "I want to thank Trust in Yellow if you allow us to purchase this equipment, I believe its the equivalent of bringing in another top player. We want to bring our squad to their physical peak."

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As an open and democratic organisation Trust in Yellow wishes to spend its' finances as its' members' wish. If you have any queries, comments or objections please forward them to

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