Road signs up

Trust in Yellow are pleased to announce the erection of seven road signs at the three gateways to the town is now completed. The signs are placed at the northern entry to town, the southern entry via Formby and the A59 and coming in through Ormskirk and the A570.


Trust in Yellow began its' campaign back in September 2006 with a meeting with John Pugh as Sefton council initially quoted the cost of imposition of road signs at in excess of £3000, all of which were placed within immediate proximity of Haig Avenue.

In January 2007 Trust in Yellow petitioned the council as to the cost of these road signs. In excess of 700 signatures were accrued and in April 2007 presented to the Southport Area Committee.

At the September 2007 Southport Area Committee meeting, inspired by Councillor Iain Brodie Browne, Trust in Yellow and Southport Football club received full funding for the revised scheme for seven signs at the three main entry points to the town totalling £4000.

Earlier this month the council sub-contractors completed the construction of the road signs which will be maintained by the local authorities.

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