Minutes of Trust in Yellow Board Meeting - Wednesday May 11th 2016

Board members present:

Martin Robinson, Bill Sloan, Alan Jones, Colin Aindow, Noel Warham, Howard Birch

1. Taking of Minutes

HB agreed to take Minutes for this meeting.


2. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

Coaches – All would like the Coaches to run more frequently next season – MR will contact a number Companies for prices once fixtures are released. We are hoping for competitive pricing once again but there is no guarantee of this.

The Board wishes to thank all those who helped run the Coaches this season, especially MR & BS.

It should be mentioned that the running of Coaches this season came a lot closer to breaking even than the previous season. BS also reports that there is an improved feeling on Coaches this season.

CA raised an issue with an article written by Haydn which talked about the Floodlights where the Trust was given only a small mention and the Board felt that we should have received more recognition.

As a way of reflecting all the good work we do it was decided that AJ would ask the Visiter if we could have a regular column to promote the Trust and it’s Events.


3. Treasurer’s report

The Trust now has around £11,960 in its current account. £200 was received from Julia Urwin and £100 paid to winner of prediction League.

Discussion took place on moving a large percentage of funds into non-accessible Savings Account but it was felt that there may be need to access money at short notice with upcoming projects.

To be reviewed on a meeting by meeting basis.


4. Membership

Memberships currently stand at 203. 37 brand new members have joined during the season.

It was felt that the Trust has raised it’s profile over the season but we will look to convert this into Membership numbers on Coaches and at Events over the next season, especially focussed on Junior Members.


5. Brief review of recent Trust Events

The Player of the Year Awards Evening was a great success and the Board would like to thank NW for his presenting skills which helped knit the night together excellently.

The Board would also like to put on record their Thanks to Les Rooney for all his efforts ensuring the Microphone and all other Technology worked well. This helped everyone in the packed room feel involved and also to Colin Alty for presenting the Awards as well as Ron Ellis, Rob Urwin & Colin for arranging the Euro Draw.


6. Social Media Issues

Some Social Media issues were raised by Members. It was agreed that the Board Members with access would change the passwords to ensure security is kept tight.


7. Board Membership

Board Members were reminded of the Board Membership & Conduct Policy and how it should be followed.


8. Future Events and Activities

HB gave an update on the progress of improving Disabled Facilities – An area for a new viewing facility and measurements have been sent out to various Companies and people who may be able to help.

Further update will be given at next meeting.

Cricket Match v Southport Trinity – 26th June – Great response and 16 players have committed to play – NW to Co-ordinate the event.

Next Match Signs – Various options and variations are being looked at for next season and MR will look to get some quotes.

Brewery Trip – A Saturday during the off-season TBC by CA

AGM agreed to take place in August.

Next Seasons Monthly Events – Various options and scheduling ideas are being looked at including Race Night & Christmas Party.

NW, CA and AJ will look into having a Special Event late in the season to celebrate 50 years since Promotion involving Local Schools and will hopefully encompass an event or an exhibition at The Atkinson. Further updates will follow.

Ideas are invited on how we should celebrate the 10 year anniversary.

BS raised the idea of replacing the Trust signs at the Trust Office.


9. Trust Strategy and Priorities for 2016/17

Board Members were asked to think about areas the Board should focus on in the coming year. To report back at next meeting.


10. Next Meeting

Next Meeting will be a Members Meeting on 14th June.

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