Minutes Of Meeting - 21/06/07

Att 23
Apologies: Alan Drury
Update on finances – bank account stands at £9306 with a bill for £206 for merchandise to come out. We have a winner as an agent of the goalden lottery and the trust earn £5 commission.
Trust building – work has been continuing on the trust building. A sliding window is still needed to be sourced (Dan and Paul G to follow up). The stud wall is up, the door is in, the counter is in, the plastering has been done and the electrics checked although some plugs need to be done. An electric sander has been requested for the counter. Work should be completed in time for the new season.

Carnival – the game is sorted, balls have been purchased and Steve has arranged delivery of the game on the day. Rob is bringing the gazebo and we have trust and club merchandise and prizes. Volunteers were requested to help on the day.
Meeting with the club – despite numerous requests, the club have still not provided a date for the meeting. We have two independent costings on reserve football, each fairly similar, however the deadline for entry into the Lancashire League is 31st June. Rob will submit an agenda for the meeting and give the club until the end of the month to respond.
Coach travel- Jon will chase up quotes, although Elite has already provided their quotes. Also to look at options for 50 seater and 35 seater coach. With reference to bookings for next season we are looking to have one fixed number, which will be discussed at a further date.
Road signs – the next meeting of the Southport Area Committee is the first week of July and councillor Ian Brodie Brown will again be pushing the idea forward.

Battle of the Bands – Paul G is liasing with Jon Jessop to arrange a competition towards the end of October/November and Martin Hovden will promote. There is interest in other trusts taking this idea on and the possibility of a national competition. To push via Supporters Direct. The competition will be in two formats under 18s and 18 plus and there is a possibility of this being broadcast.
Renewal packs – the front cover has been printed by Keith Mitchell and the remainder of the document is nearly complete.

Honorary Life Membership – the trust has proposed that Eric Redrobe and Arthur Peat be made horary life members and any other suggestions would be welcomed for other candidates.

Corporate memberships – all targeted businesses, bar some of the town centre have had mailers delivered, but response has been slow. We have one new member in Mentha and Halsall.
Cricket Match – Jon is to liase with Peter Davenport and Haydn.
Programme/Player sponsorship – it was agreed that we wait until later in the season to see how the club are progressing with selling these packages before making a decision about contributing.
Calendar – Sue has offered to design a calendar for the club and the costs of an A3 calendar were £924 for a run of 250. Also each month could have been sponsored and the idea was well received, the minimum run was deemed prohibitive and was too big a risk.
Pledges – Rob has received a dozen or so pledges so far.

Event for early September to be arranged – to coincide with a meet the players night and a race night was suggested, but not confirmed yet.

Geoff Wilde and Mike Braham have offered to do a talk on all the players they have met. This was well received and could link in well with a quiz evening and co-ordinated with some ex-players.

John Kirkman was voted off the committee and Andy Davis was voted into committee, from a co-opted position.
The rotary club asked if the trust would take part in the dragon boat race, but due to short notice and some areas being not practical, the offer was turned down.

The only delay on the school cards is the issuing of fixtures.

The next meeting is scheduled for 12th July at 7.30pm at the grandstand club.

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