Minutes Of Meeting - 12/07/07

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Apologies Paul Glendenning
Alan Drury

Finances – balances currently stand at £9488.59. There are no outstanding bills to pay and membership renewals are starting to come through.
Renewals – all those with e- mail addresses have been notified that their renewals are due. We have received a few renewals already and volunteers were requested to help with handing out the packs. There has been a positive response and we currently have 348 members.

Road Signs – unfortunately this issue was missed off the agenda for the July meeting of the Southport Area Committee. We have been advised that this will be included in the next meeting in September and there are positive vibes.
Next Match signs – there have been two offers for new locations for signs, the Plough and the junction of School Lane and Rosemary Lane. It was agreed to go ahead. Steve W advised that he had done a deal for an improved sliding sign for the boards at £10 per game for four signs and it was agreed to proceed.
The following people were proposed to look after the signs:

Queens Rd – Jon
Plough – Steve W
By Pass – Rob/Julia
Shelbourne – Paul G
School Lane – Paul I/Rob Rimmer(?)
Club – whoever is available after the games

Huw Griffith proposal – Huw has approached the trust with regards to purchasing Heart Monitors and the software, which should increase fitness by up to 15%. The proposal is to purchase 10 heart rate monitors from Polar Systems which normally retail at £3300, but with Huw’s links to Glasgow Rangers, we have been advised it will cost £2500. There was a consensus to proceed with the proposal and that due to the large expenditure we would advise the membership via e-mail/press next week.

The meeting with the club was to take place at 10 am and the club was thanked for honouring the meeting. Rob had made himself unavailable, so Paul I was asked to stand in and take the minutes.

Dan H has now stood down from the committee and TIY wish him well with his new job as press officer. The club also congratulated Rob on his promotion to editor on the matchday programme.
With regards to Dan’s roles, Jon and Andy K would liase with Dan over how to issue the newsletters and Paul OB was to take over the running of the website. Phil has offered to use his house as the registered address and change Dan’s house.

Trust building – Alan D and Paul G have been working hard on the building. The counters have been bolted and painted all the seat have been moved and the partition made. The remaining challenges are to put the door up, general tidying and fitting the window and it is hoped that all will be completed by the start of the season.
Volunteers are requested to help out and liase with Paul G and Alan D as to when to come down.
It was also recommended to re-start the search for storage of the chairs.

Battle Of The Bands – the dates have been set for the competition 19th October for the U18’s and 26th October for the over 18’s. We have already been made aware of several interested bands and we have been advised that stewarding is required.

Fixture Cards – Haydn brought along 1000 fixture cards and was looking for distributors. Haydn also advised that there were several new sponsors and the cards were donated by Mitchell and Wright.
Areas volunteered:
Ainsdale – Rob
Churchtown/High Park – James C
Churchtown/Marshside – Jon
Hillside/Birkdale – Brian and Carol K
Town Centre – Andy K

Any other volunteers are appreciated and requests will be put out on the various websites.

Coach travel – Jon is waiting for quotes from 10 companies with a deadline set for 23rd July. Alan S is to be the new contact via telephone calls, Phil to look after the monetary side, Jon to cover the press side.

The trust have arrange for a meet the players evening in conjunction with a race night on 15th September.

Junior School scheme – Julia advised that the costing and timing made the project impossible and the scheme had to be scrapped.

Meeting reform – it was suggested that a form be set up on the website for items on the agenda with room to include detail to enable the meeting to be more efficient.

Next meeting Thursday 9th August 7.30pm Grandstand Club.

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