Minutes Of Meeting - 10/05/07

Apologies: Paul Glenndening
Alan Drury
Att 21

Phil advised that the bank balance currently stands at £8555 of which £345 must be retained as share capital and £500 as deposits for the book. Thus the trust has approximately £7500 available for expenditure.
The auction raised around £1400 and the supporters match around £800.

Membership currently stands at 345 members.

Questions to the board & AGM – Jon provided a statement in which the trust will request a meeting with the club. It was suggested that between 2 to 4 trust members be present at this meeting. In order to ascertain the views of the members a form will be set up on the official website. The questions should refer to club issues and a disclaimer is to be added as the questions must be of a suitable nature. Dan/Paul OB to set up form.
Jon will represent the trust at the club AGM although several other committee members will be in attendance as individual shareholders or proxys.

Carnival – takes place on June 30th. With reference to the football game, Julia has created a design and Steve has arranged production. The design will be on a timber frame with sandbags as support. Jon to provide footballs. Club and trust merchandise to be on sale. Rob and Julia to provide Gazebo.

Next Match Signs – at present the next match signs are in two different formats, but the plan is to do all signs in the same style as the ones at the club. The aim will be to look increasing the number of signs for next season and the following areas are to be explored: Caterforce offices, Southport Rd, Plough, Astroglaze and the Railway station.
Road signs – having contacted the local councillors about the road signs, the trust have been approached independently by several councillors and councillor Ian Brodie Brown has agreed to push the issue at the next Southport Area committee meeting in early June.

Coach Travel – thanks were passed on for his hard work this season and the trust are looking for someone to take over the running of the coach travel next season. Quotes will be sought around early July and a decision will be made once the quotes have been received.

Renewals – Rob has started to produce documents for the renewal pack. The majority of the renewals are due on 1st August and the questionnaire will be worked on for the next meeting.
Corporate Memberships – the corporate packs are ready and some have already been distributed to several areas. There are still areas that need to be covered (town centre and PR8 5) and any volunteers wishing to help out please contact Andy Davis.
Thanks were expressed to Keith Mitchell for all the work with the mail shots and the other printing that has been supplied to the trust. The trust has agreed to offer honorary corporate sponsorship as thanks for all the work provided.
Honorary Memberships – at next meeting, to discuss who to remain and who to discard as honorary members.

Reserve team bus – Jon has drafted an agreement to be counter signed by the club and the trust regarding the ownership, cost, usage and livery of the minibus. Further legal consultation will be sought before putting forward to the club.
At the questions to the board meeting, the issues regarding the minibus are intended to be discussed. The VAT payments should be able to be re-claimed by the football club.

Supporters Direct have supplied a questionnaire that needs to be completed. Jon has the document and relevant questions will be asked of the responsible committee members.

Supporting the community – the local press have recently covered a story about the possibility of some council pitches being scrapped. The trust will monitor the situation and will be prepared to help out with any petitions/protests if necessary.

Supporters kits – there was an interest after the supporters v players match of creating a supporters team to play on the Saturday morning against the equivalent opposition’s supporters. The trust thinks this is a good idea and is hopeful that the kit used last Saturday will be available on a regular basis.
Cricket match - several people have suggested bringing the players and supporters together by arranging another cricket match similar to the event that was arranged a couple of years ago. The trust is keen for this to go ahead and will liase with Haydn.

AOB – Paul G advised that he had made significant progress on the battle of the bands and will advise at the next meeting.

Next meeting: (Provisional) Thursday 21st June,7.30pm, Grandstand Club.

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