Minutes Of Meeting - 09/08/07

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Finances – The account balance currently stands at £8257.00 and the payment for the heart monitors and the new signs have now gone through.
Membership – 256 members are currently enrolled although and we have had 364 members since the trust formed. Rob advised that he expected the membership figure to rise to around 300 due to members not yet renewing. In addition we have two new corporate members in Brighouse Solicitors and Bargain Booze and one potential new corporate sponsor.
Heart Monitors – Huw has now received 20 heart monitors rather than the 10 initially advised and they are now in use. Huw is delighted and has offered his thanks for the purchase and is happy to provide the trust with any publicity they wish.

New signs – the sign at the Plough is now in place and the other sign on the road to Lydiate will be in place in the next 7 days.
Coach travel – Jon advised that he had received competitive quotes from Elite and Holmeswood, although Elite were far and away the cheapest, but Holmeswood did offer 22,35 and 50 seater alternatives. After a show of hands it was decided to remain with Elite Coaches for the current season, although there was always the option to use Holmeswood if smaller coaches were required.
Trust building – Alan D advised that work was still ongoing on the trust building although it would not be fit for use for the Gainsborough game. There was little cost involved(under £50) as most material was donated and volunteers were requested to help finish off the work. The building needs painting and there are several other jobs needing completing. Alan was hoping to do further work weekend 18th August and any volunteers are requested to contact Alan.
Matchday operations – it was requested that we provide a few volunteers to help with matchday operations. Alan S and Paul G are to help take the coach bookings whilst the remaining volunteers to help promote the trust and push the questionnaires on the anthem and spending plans. Volunteers are to meet by the shop for 2.15
TIY discussion forum – a suggestion was put forward to create a separate discussion forum to allow more members to interact and put forward ideas. Rob advised that he did not have the time to administrate and moderate the forum and it was recommended that we discuss this again at a later date.
Race Night – the race night had provisionally been booked for 15th September, but we are waiting for confirmation that the gentleman who ran it last year is available. Rob has offered to contact him and confirm the date. Once the date is confirmed planning will be put into place.
The anthem – at the meeting with the club, TIY asked if they could take forward the matter of a club anthem to come out to. After various discussions, it was decided to put the matter to the members and create a form where members could offer suggestions. The form would also be available on the Trust website. The suggestions would then be narrowed down by popularity and suitability and then put forward to the members to vote on. Rob and Julia offered to create the form.
Spending plans – bearing in mind that the trust has a substantial amount of money available, it was also prudent that the members decide how they want to spend this money. Again it was decided to canvas the members and it was practical to canvas on the same forms that the anthem nominations would be on. Once the data was collated discussions with the club would take place to ensure that the projects were viable. Forms would also be set up on the Trust website.
Player sponsorship – Rob suggested that we sponsor a home grown player this year and given that we have two home grown players and Mike Powell is taken, Mark Houghton was nominated. Andy D also advised that Southport FC under 11’s had approached us looking for sponsorship of their tracksuits at a cost of around £320. It was advised that this would fall under our support within the community which is a trust objective.
Both motions were passed and Rob advised that Mark Houghton’s sponsorship had been reserved under his website, pending the vote, for the first match programme, but would be switched.
The club also advised that the club had been approached by Setanta about providing match highlights for conference round up. Setanta had advised it would cost £60 per game and the club had not budgeted for this and had decided not to progress with this unless TIY would pay for it. After a short discussion a vote was cast and unanimously it was voted against paying for coverage.
E-mail issues- Jon advised that he was having some e-mail issues which was preventing him from receiving and sending mails, but he thought he knew how to resolve the problem.
Battle Of The Bands – Paul G and Andy D had a further meeting today and updated us on the progress. Posters and applications had been created, a meeting with Martin Hovden had taken place and he agreed to start promoting straight away. John Siddle had offered to provide some equipment although a portable stage is still required. There will be a maximum of 10 bands per night and the bands may need to be vetted and a panel of judges needs to be appointed . Paul G already has interest from Rushden and Kidderminster trusts and hopes to run an inter trust competition at a later date. Paul also advised that stewards were required on the night,

Any Other Business – The winner of the season ticket from the Carnival shoot it game was Mark Iddon. Steve W advise that the shoot it game was also available for hire for a small fee.
A query was raised about the warranties on the heart monitors and Phil advised that he would look into.

Next meeting 30th August 7.30pm Grandstand Club.

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