Minutes of TIY board meeting 2/11/09

Present:- Alan Scarisbrick (Chair), Rob Urwin, Julia Urwin, Alan Jones, Bill Sloan, Phil Carder, Nick Catterall, Martin Robinson.

1. Apologies;  Paul Isenwater, Alan Drury, Ben Kelly

2. Minutes of previous meetings. There were no matters on the minutes of the last open and board meetings that weren’t covered on the agenda. The co-option of Ben Kelly onto the board was confirmed.

 3. Treasurer’s Report.

 Phil Carder gave out details of our present finances including the up to date costing for the Reserve team.

The present balance stood at £13,246.38

Income had included money from pledges, in particular the £400 due to the goal scoring prowess of Earl Davis and the generosity of Steve Wignall.

The total spent on the Reserve team so far was £3,138.52 and we had also given the club another £129.48 to cover running costs for the team. It was agreed to increase the amount to £4000  now, and ask for the second share certificate for £2000 to add to the £2000 we had obtained already.

The projected total cost for the Reserve team this season was £8,630 and income from gate receipts about £1302.

Since Trust In Yellow had been formed we had put £11,488 into the club. The heart monitors was still the major single purchase (£2949) and it was questioned whether the club were still in fact using these in the Youth schemes.

Phil was thanked very much for his detailed accounts and it was agreed that the full details of his spreadsheets could be put on the TIY website.

Phil also pointed out that our project shareholding by the end of the season would put us at about the 5th largest shareholder in the club. There were also many members of Trust In Yellow who had individual shareholdings.

4. Meeting with the club board.

We had received a reply from Charlie Clapham in reply to our email. In it he suggests a meeting on Saturday, 14th November at 12-30pm. It was agreed to confirm this time with him and also that we wished to discuss the issues raised in our email to him. 

The TIY representatives at the meeting would be Alan Scarisbrick, Martin Robinson, Phil Carder, Bill Sloan and Ben Kelly.

5.   Coach Travel.

Although last season’s problems had appeared to be resolved we had lost money on the Gateshead trip for a variety of reasons including the fact that our usual coach company had not been available and the replacement had been more expensive.

Discussion took place as to future pricing policy. At present, prices were calculated on a number of 25 people traveling to avoid losing money but there was a feeling this gave an initial high price which was putting people off. It was agreed that we could experiment on pricing in the future.

The Christmas and New Year matches were at Fleetwood and Stalybridge (weather permitting!) and it was agreed to run a special offer of £12 for the two trips for anyone going on both.

6. Fund raising/Social events

a) ‘An Evening with Wilde and Braham’ 12th November

Arrangements were discussed for next week’s event

b) Golf Day.

Nick suggested we investigate the possibility of holding a golf day. It was agreed it was a good idea but we needed the help of people with experience of holding such events. It was pointed out that there had been such an event held by former players in the past and it was agreed to contact Terry McDonald who had organised that event to ask him for advice so that we could decide on the feasibility of such an event.

c) Race night.  A date in March to be agreed by the next meeting.

d) ‘Meet the Manager’.  Rob to ask Liam if the next ‘Supporters Forum’ could be arranged before Christmas.

7. Revamped Website.

Many thanks to Dan Hayes for producing a fantastic improvement to the TIY website. It was unanimously agreed that this should replace the existing site as soon as possible. Dan would be in the club shop before the match tomorrow to demonstrate how to use it. It was agreed that to ensure the accuracy of content put on the site everything posted should go through a small group of people. Names suggested were Alan, Phil, Rob and Andy. 

8. Supporters Direct Conference.

Martin reported back from the Conference on the 13th October in Birmingham. Amongst other things he had attended a workshop about Trust Directors on the board of clubs. The general feeling at the workshop was that although this should be the long term goal of a Trust, in a position as at Southport at the present, it would probably be of limited value. The general advice was that the Trust itself should be made the Director and then we should elect a member to act in that position for us for a fixed length of time.

He had also spoken to representatives of the Cooperative Movement who were keen supporters of Trusts and might have financial support for any community scheme TIY proposed with Southport Juniors and local schools.(see item 9 below)

Martin also reported that Jacqui Forster from Supporters Direct had contacted him so say she was helping Preston NE supporters set up a Trust there and would we be willing to give them any help. It was agreed we would be willing to help.

9. Proposed links with Southport Juniors and local schools.

It was agreed to set up a small working party to meet with Southport Juniors to discuss ways we can work together on any community project. It was agreed that Julia, Martin, Bill and Nick would be on the group. Bill to contact Anita Shaw to fix up a meeting in the next few weeks.

The meeting agreed that the presence of a junior match on Saturday at half time had added a great deal to both the atmosphere and contributed to the increased attendance.

10. Membership of Trust Board.

With Nick now elected and Ben co-opted it meant there was now just one vacancy for a co-opted member on the board. However, it was suggested that a present member of the board might wish to resign to avoid a conflict of interests. Alan to talk to the member.

11. Future Strategy of TIY.

It was agreed that at our meeting with the Club board we should emphasise our belief in the importance of the Youth structure and community links with schools/Junior teams.

As a long term means of strengthening our long term influence at the club Phil suggested we investigate the possibility of a ‘Bond Scheme’ as operated at various Trusts including most recently the new Trust formed at Chester.

It was agreed that this was an exciting and ambitious project and Phil was asked to come back to us at the next meeting with more details.

12. Any other business.

Julia said that surplus programmes were now being distributed at local schools. It was agreed this was an excellent idea.

13. Date, time place of next meeting.

The next ‘Open meeting’ had already been fixed for Tuesday 1st December.

It was agreed to decide on the date of the next board meeting after the meeting with the club had been held.

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