Minutes Of TIY EGM - 09/11/06

Apologies Paul Glendenning
Paul Cook
Liam Watson
In addition we received 19 proxy votes

Jon provided a summary of what had happened so far. We have over 300 members, which is higher than the likes of Bristol Rovers and Altrincham. Coaches have run to all games bar Oxford(midweek game) and the upcoming Aldershot fixture.


Finances stand at just over £4500. This includes a 50% deposit that has been paid on the next match signs and we expect around £400 from supporters direct before Christmas as part of our setting up costs. The majority of the finances have been generated by memberships and donations plus the proceeds from the race night which generated around £1300.

The motion to pass the 12 individual members who wanted to stand for committee was passed unanimously.
Lots were drawn for re-election dates and the following were drawn:
AGM 2007 – Alan S, Alan D, John K, Paul G
AGM 2008 – Julia U, Dan H, Andrew K, Paul OB,
AGM 2009 – Jon OB, Rob U, Phil C, Paul I

A discussion was raised about the second motion to purchase shares in Pinewise Ltd T/A Southport FC as there were some discussions about the merits and some proxy votes had voted against the motion. The motion was passed on the basis that Trust In Yellow purchase the minimum quantity so that the money could be put into projects.

A discussion was then put forward on the trust’s plans for expenditure. It was agreed by those present that the trust would look at funding a minibus in order to resurrect the reserve side. Haydn advised that the likely cost of insurance and a second hand vehicle would be around £15000 and funds would need to be in place by the start of the new season.

Next match signs are in the process of being produced. Two will go up at the club on either side of the main stand. An amended sign will replace the existing sign at the Shelbourne Hotel. Other signs will be placed on the Formby By Pass and County Road Ormskirk. The signs at the Visiter office on Tulketh Street have hit problems and are on hold.
Further letters are planned to be going out to Asda, Southport railway station, The Plough, B&Q and the Morris Dancers.

Signage around the town is still an issue due to cost. Jon along with the club arranged a meeting via John Pugh several weeks ago and they were quoted an excessive figure of over £3000. The Trust plan to look at raising petitions and promoting the issue in the media, in order for the council to back down on their costs.

The work on the drainage of the new trust premises was scheduled for 10am on Saturday morning, however work cannot start on the remainder of the building until all the seats are removed and stored in a suitable storage unit.

Corporate members include Rewardaward and Dixon, Raven & Marsden. The latter have offered all trust members 10% discount on production of their trust membership card. Further corporate memberships are being pursued.

Other issues discussed were the fireworks event at the club. It was agreed that the trust should get involved next year with a stall and help to plan events and improve the PA system on the night.

Haydn asked if the trust could push the golden lottery through their membership and also ask for agents.

It was suggested that the trust look at arranging a holiday weekend in conjunction with the Exeter game.

Haydn advised that the club had planned for several entertainment nights with the new entertainment licence and the Trust should do something to tie in with these.

Next meeting – Grandstand Club 7.30pm, 30th November.

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