Trust statement

The Board of Trust In Yellow will be meeting in the next few days to fully discuss the announcement of the club about the reorganisation of its Board.

Like the majority of supporters, TIY Board members are very confused and disappointed to hear the news about the departure from the club board of the new directors appointed in the autumn. They had brought welcome energy and ideas since they were appointed which the club can ill afford to lose.

After working through four managers and fifty players this season it is a pity that the owners now seem to have ‘released’ directors who have contributed so much to bring some positives to a disastrous season.

Whilst as supporters we wish the new club Board members success in restoring the club’s fortunes, they seem to have been handed a poisoned chalice at a time when there is bound to be something of a toxic atmosphere when the hopes supporters had for a real change appear to have been dashed again.

The next few weeks and in particular the EGM which the Trust asked the club to hold will be critical for the newly reformed Board to show whether it intends to run the club in a more open way. We look forward to hearing answers to questions about the future role of Mr. Clapham in the club and more open and informative answers to questions about the running of the club including financial. The willingness to answer such questions and the content of the answers will have a major effect on supporters’ reaction to the changes

The Trust will continue to press for the club to support the priorities we listed in our recent statement and in the next few weeks will call a full meeting to hear the views of members and supporters before deciding on our future relationship with the club.

 As previously stated, we would be happy to meet with any parties or individuals who are interested in investing in the club.

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