Minutes Of Meeting - 30/11/06

Attendance 27

Updates – membership has jumped in the last two weeks and has now reached 319 members
Finances- the bank account now stands at £4612.44 and a second bank account has been opened, with a better interest rate. All five signs have been paid for in full. As per the EGM, Phil made enquiries about the minimum shareholding in Pinewise Ltd t/a Southport Fottball Club. The legal minimum is £1, but practically the club would take anything over £50. It was agreed that the club would purchase £100 of shares.

Next Match Signs – We have five signs of which £250 was paid upfront and the balance on completion. The signs at the Shelbourne and on Queens Road have now been erected. There are two signs to go up at the club and one at Woodvale c/o the Lancashire Wildlife Trust. Once all the signs are up, Jon will run a big press release to promote the venue and entice others venues to take up the signs. Paul I to look after Woodvale, Paul G to look after the Shelbourne.

Trust Building – the drainage work was completed at little expense and the trust are now in search of a suitable container(possibly a shipping container) to store all the contents. Various options are being looked at including e-bay, Chewitts, Pleasureland and Sefton Council.

Co-opting of Andy Davis – due to a clerical error, Andy Davis had expressed an interest in joining the Trust committee prior to the EGM, as after being nominated, the confirmation was never recieved. It was then motioned that Andy be co-opted onto the committee and the motion was passed unanimously.

Road signage – after the previous discussions regarding costings of the road signs with the council. The trust has decided they will form a protest group. Jon has had positive feedback from the local press that they will follow it up and an article will be forwarded in due course. Further action in terms of petitions at the club and online will take place in time for the next home league game.
Included in this discussion was the possibility of signage from the new park and ride and the use of KGV as a car park.

Coach travel – Rob advised that we were having trouble getting sufficient numbers to run coaches for the long distance trips. The shorter trips were generally well supported. Rob asked for suggestions about how best to tackle the issue. Minibuses were ruled out as there was little or no benefit in costings. One option that was mentioned was the possibility of car sharing.

Fundraising – Alan D put forward a suggestion that we do an event entitled an audience with… This would be where the trust invited two ex-players for a Q&A session to be held at the grandstand for a small charge and put on some food and a raffle. Those present thought this would be an excellent idea.
Golf day - Paul I had received some information from Formby Hall about setting up a golf day and again it was thought it would be a good idea. Paul I is to contact a few other clubs and find more information on prices and available dates. There is little risk involved as the golf club arranges everything and it is just a matter of ensuring minimum numbers and marketing the event and prizes.
Trust Day/Week – Rob has been in contact with York City Trust and Haydn regarding setting some events up for the York game(21st April). The plan is to have a supporters match in the morning, penalty shoot out for all ages at half time, a quiz in the evening and a fancy dress competition. Rob has also provisionally arranged to sponsor the programme for the game and the four tickets for the box will be raffled off. In addition this is the first anniversary weekend and it was recommended the trust have the audience with... idea and the auction night all included in this week. Again this was very well received by all present.
Players v Supporters – there are still plans to run this event again and the trust need to liase with Rob E and the club on the best way to take this forward.
Boxing day bash – John K is looking into arranging something at the club on boxing day and will discuss with Haydn and advise.
Haydn has also advised that we can tag on raffles and fundraisers to the clubs events.

The minibus – although it is unlikely that the trust will raise sufficient funds to cover all the minibus costs, the trust will explore lottery funding and corporate revenue.

PA system – Dan and Alan D proposed that we hire a PA system to improve pre match and half time entertainment. Expected cost would be £100 per game and we would look at the possibility on setting something up for the Morecambe game and the trust day and try and get a local act to perform. It was suggested we contact John Jessop regarding acts and also link up with the community radio launch. Alan and Dan to investigate further.

Corporate membership was raised and various issues about what we could offer were discussed such as company name on letterheads and website, free tickets and merchandise.
The next newsletter has been written and is in the process of being produced.
Goalden lottery – Alan D advised that he has just become an agent for the club’s goalden lottery and advised of all the benefits of arranging a round. The benefits include free admission to home games, free individual membership, 10% commission and decent prizes if someone on your round wins.
If was then suggested that the trust set up a syndicate and put any winnings back into the trust. Further investigation would take place for the next meeting.
The webshop is still going strong and is expected to bring in some decent revenues over the Christmas period.
The trust agreed a small sponsorship for the kids Christmas party.

Next Meeting – Thursday 14th December 7.30pm Grandstand Club (provisionally)

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