Minutes Of Meeting - 29/03/07

Att 23
Apologies Alan Drury

An audience with… event was very successful and the amount of money raised is still being calculated.
Finances currently stand at £5694 and a cheque has been received for £88.40 with reference to the webshop.

Trust building – Peter O’Byrne has offered to help with the joinery, Alan Drury has offered to do the plastering and Jon provided a design for the building. Timber, plasterboard and a PVC window have been donated however the window is too large and is unlikely to be used. Regulations regarding the safety door and disability act need to be looked into before proceeding.

Road signs – John has contacted the three local councillors and we have a petition of about 700 signatures.
Next match signs – it was suggested that we approach Caterforce about putting up a match sign outside their office.

Auction Night – Rob has approximately 30 items for auction, a catalogue is in the process of being produced and will be put on the trust website.
There are several ’high interest’ lines which will have reserve prices. It is also planned to allow exiles and those unable to attend to bid either online or via a contact number on the night.
The plan for the evening is to have an auction, mixed with buffet, player of the year awards and a quiz. Paul I has offered to devise the quiz.

Programme sponsorship – York game. The trust has four tickets for the corporate box and have decided to raffle off two tickets at the Stafford game and two tickets at the Burton game. Andy Davis has agreed to co-ordinate the raffle and will purchase the raffle tickets. Sellers are at all three entrances and are requested to be at the ground for 2-2.15. The draw will be made at half time and tickets will be sold at £1 per strip.

Players/supporters match – we are still waiting for a confirmed date from the club and as soon as that is arranged then the plan will be to sell off the players for a fixed fee and auction off the manager.

Purchase of radio mic/PA system – Dan advised that we could be able to purchase a system for £300-£350 for use at future events and for club use as well. The general consensus was that it was quite a good idea, but the priority was that funding should be targeted towards the minibus first and then this would be re-assessed once we had achieved that objective.

Carnival 2007 – It was decided to proceed with the stall on 30th June and to device a fundraiser similar to the Soccer Am Road to Wembley game as a fundraiser. Julie has agreed to design. Steve has agreed to produce once the design is made.

The Minibus – after a lack of clarity from the club previously, the club have now confirmed that they wish to go ahead with a reserve team for next year and do require a minibus.
The club has advised that the cost will be approximately £7000 to purchase and the club will cover insurance and maintenance.

The trust has agreed that it is their intention to purchase the minibus in full, subject to the club entering a reserve team.

Kick racism out campaign – Paul G has approached the club about distributing material, but the club has little material available to distribute. Paul G has offered to liase with the club and follow up.

Honorary members – it was agreed that we should distinguish between those with honorary membership to offer those appropriate, lifetime membership and those for publicity to be cancelled. This could also be tied in with the newly formed players association.

Renewal packs – the trust are looking at drafting a document to promote the trust to issue as a renewal document. Jon has already drafted some ideas, but the plan is to have a mind shower session at the next meeting. Plan to use last year’s document as a guideline. Dan has offered to design as long as the editorial comment is provided.

Membership is to remain at £10

Newsletter – we are having problems mailing out e-newsletters. Jon has a list of web programs and will send through to Dan. Dan has asked that some else also has the knowledge on this subject to cover if he is ever unavailable.

Julia has suggested that the trust push the promotion of the junior supporters and recommended supplying booklets with fixtures and an area to fill in on each visit to Haig Ave. Julia to follow up.

Registered office is to be reviewed once the trust building is complete.

Calendar – Sue T has offered to design an SFC calendar for 2008 based on a Jan – Dec calendar year. The trust have agreed to proceed and have been advised that the plan is to print in September for sale in October.

Following discussions regarding optimimum productivity, it has been agreed that meetings shall continue to take the same "open" format. The trust feel that there is little need for more private committee only meetings, providing small changes are made to the current format to aid organisation.
On the Wednesday prior to each meeting, an Agenda will be made available via www.trustinyellow.com for members to download if they wish. The first portion of any future meetings will include a recap of the minutes from the previous meeting along with any actions that were carried forward.
Any new items to be placed on the agenda for a meeting, should be communicated to the secretary (secretary@trustinyellow.com) by the Tuesday Evening of the same week.
Next meeting – Thursday 12th April, 7.30pm Grandstand Club.

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