Minutes Of Meeting - 22/02/07

Att 18
Apologies: Andy Davis

Membership has risen to 335 members
Finances stand at £5068
Lottery standing orders are picking up
Phil is still waiting for the relevant forms from the corporation tax people
Still no money from supporters direct

Trust building – seats have all been moved
The trust require joiners to fit studded walls and an external door.

An audience with… Friday 16th March
TIY have managed to acquire a large selection of former players and managers from 50’s to the Wembley side.
Tickets are now on sale at £5 and initial sales are promising
Articles have appeared in the local press and further coverage is expected. Dune FM have also agreed to promote the event.
A PA system is required with a radio mic and several microphones. Alan can provide his PA system, but more equipment may be required. The trust also plan to video the event and make available on DVD.
A buffet will be provided and there are plans to have a mini auction, a raffle and some competitions.
The trust has requested any questions to be forwarded in advance and a programme is planned for the event.
Trust members who wish to help out with tickets sales are advised to turn up 45minutes before kick off at the two home games

TIY are planning to provide a ringtone and download. The information is hoped to be put on the website and Dan will look after the technical side.

Corporate membership – Andy has sent out 60 -70 mail drops to local companies and is awaiting feedback.
Next match signs – the trust have been offered a location for a new sign and are in discussions to put this up.
Public signs – the petition has in the region of 650 signatures and the trust will push again at the next home and away games. Jon has drafted a letter for the council and plans to update the press.
The book – although early days, the trust has already acquired 54 subscribers.

Minibus – the cost of leasing a minibus has been explored and is prohibitive. The quotes for insurance are also lower than expected and are still coming down.

Next meeting 8th March 7.30pm Grandstand Club. Haydn has agreed to do his chief executive meeting in conjunction with the trust meeting.

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