Minutes Of Board Meeting - 10th September

Present:- Alan Scarisbrick (Chair), Alan Drury, Rob Urwin, Julia Urwin, Alan Jones, Bill Sloan, Phil Carder, Martin Robinson.
Apologies;- Paul Isenwater, Paul Glendenning.

1. Reserve Team.
The discussion began with the meeting expressing pleasure at the way the team had started the season. Congratulations to Allan Smart and his players. The meeting was also really pleased to see how Liam had included several young reserve players in the squad and shown the value of the reserve team to the club.

Finances. The Treasurer, Phil Carder, said that the present TIY balance was £13, 801.42.
He then gave a detailed breakdown of finances relating to the reserve team.
So far we had paid an initial £2000 for which we had received a share certificate from the club.
Since then we had paid a coach bill for £296 making a total outlay so far of £2,296. However, so far only £1,354.61 of this had been spent leaving a balance of £941.39 which would be used for running costs over future weeks.
After the first three matches of the season expenditure was very much in line with T.I.Y. estimates. The largest expenditure was going to be for coach travel.
Costings for coach travel were in line with the prices TIY were paying for coach travel. The estimated cost for the season was £3,366 with long trips to Barrow and Workington coming up. On the other hand savings may be possible for one or two closer games.
Total gate receipts for the first two matches totalled £357 which was encouraging considering a large number of the crowd were either season ticket holders admitted free or T.I.Y. members admitted half price.
(It was agreed to run a ‘golden goal’ draw at future reserve matches of which 50% would go as a prize and 50% to T.I.Y.  to help cover running costs ).
Questions were asked about expenditure on floodlighting and ground maintenance which would be clarified in time for future meetings.
The advantages in terms of running costs of running the reserve team alongside the Youth team projects were pointed out.
The meeting thanked Phil for his detailed report and keeping such a close eye on the expenditure. It was felt the knowledge gained by the Trust in the costs involved in the running of the club could prove valuable in the future.
Team Shirts/T.I.Y. Logo

It was pointed out that the Trust had been promised that there would be a T.I.Y. logo on the back of the team shirts but that this had not happened. An alternative that had been suggested was to have the logo on first team shorts.
It was pointed out that as yet no extra kit had been bought for the team. Since we were keen to keep costs down it was agreed not to press the issue at present but if a new kit was purchased we would expect .T.I.Y. to be on it.
Fixtures. It was pointed out that fixtures for the league were only published a few weeks in advance. Our next home matches would be in October but dates were not known yet. This created some difficulties in planning future T.I.Y. meetings and events.  
2. Meetings with the club.
Having regular meetings with the club were part of the targets for the year adopted by members at the AGM.
Since the club no longer had a Chief Executive the meetings with Haydn in that role would not take place.
It was agreed to ask Liam to have another Fans forum this autumn.
The Secretary, Paul Isenwater, had handed in letters to Charlie Clapham, Sam Shrouder and Haydn Preece at Tuesday’s match, asking for a meeting between the club and officers/board of T.I.Y.
A number of questions were discussed which we wished to ask. These range from plans for future commercial activity, naming rights for the ground, improvements to the ground, disabled facilities, pricing structure, long term development plan etc; The questions might need to be reviewed in the light of recent changes at the club.
When we had a date confirmed for a meeting we would send Mr Clapham a list of our questions which we would also publish for members to whom we would also report back after the meeting.
3. Fund Raising.
It was pointed out that the date agreed with Liam for the ‘Race Night’ was now the date that England was playing Brazil. In view of this and the importance of the evening for our fund raising, it was agreed to find a new date after Christmas.
As our autumn event it was agreed to ask Geoff Wilde and Mike Braham to give another of their popular talks. The evening would also have a quiz and auction. The provisional date was Thursday, 12th November but this would obviously depend on the availability of Mike and Geoff.     
Due the goal scoring feats of Earl Davis and the generosity of Steve Wignall the ‘pledges’ was proving a valuable fund raiser but we could do with more people taking part.
4. Membership.

Our membership secretary, Bill Sloan, reported that membership had slipped slightly below 200 although he was confident that in the next few weeks when he sent out reminders by letter to those who he didn’t have email addresses that the figure would be restored. Those who had received email reminders had largely rejoined.
Whilst it was disappointing that some former members hadn’t renewed there had been a welcome number of new members.
It was noted that any slight fall was considerably less than the percentage drop in attendances and that Northwich Victoria’s Trust had stated their goal of reaching three figures for their membership in the club programme!
5. Any other business.
Supporters Direct Conference. It was agreed that Martin Robinson would represent T.I.Y. at the Annual conference of Supporters Direct in Birmingham in October.
Primary School Links.
 Julia Urwin reported that at a meeting in July, a number of Junior schools had expressed an interest in visiting Haig Avenue on Match day in the same way as Ainsdale Junior School’s at their highly successful visit last season.
Agreement would have to be reached with those people involved in the Junior club teams visits on match days. The present lack of a Chief Executive made the arrangements harder. However, it was agreed that this should be one of the issues raised with the club at our meeting.
New recruits to T.I.Y. board.
There had been interest from members wishing to join the board. It was agreed that if they came to the next open members meeting they could be co-opted onto the board then.
Disabled Facilities.
Martin reported that the advice he had received was that the solution proposed involving a lift and changes to the stand would prove likely to be too expensive for the club and cause some problems with the safety certificate. It was agreed that a solution on the lines of the Blyth Spartans accommodation should be discussed with the club.  
The date had been arranged for THURSDAY, 8TH OCTOBER, 7-30pm. However, a Reserve match has now been arranged for that date so it is likely to be changed. New date to be informed on website and by email.
Thanks to the efficiency of our Chairman, Mr Scarisbrick, the meeting ended just in time for us all to enter the ground for kick off in the FA Youth Cup match!

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