Minutes Of Meeting - 12/10/06

Apologies: Paul Isenwater

1. Update
2. Signs
3. EGM
4. Shop
5. AOB

1. Update-Race night was a wholehearted success £1,320 was raised. Membership is now 306.
Bank-balance is currently £4,775. The trust shop has raised £106 and was considered to be successful considering a zero outlay.
No monies as yet have been received from Supporters Direct. No progress has been made in respect of the floodlight project.
Phil suggested that Elite travel could be approached to accept electronic payment if their bank details are received

2. Signs-6 sites are now confirmed i.e. Formby by-pass, Queens Rd, Visiter Office, Shelbourne Hotel, JPG News in Ormskirk and Haig Avenue. Permission is being sought for further signs at Chapel St Station, The Plough and Morris Dancers pubs.
Subject of road signs was raised again Jon pointed out that £3,600 quote from Sefton Council was unacceptable publicity is being sought via Southport Visiter, Dune FM & Southport gb. It was suggested a petition be started and local politicians involved. Consensus thought the petition should be run around Christmas time.

3. EGM-Nominations for committee are in receipt and are now closed-a provisional date of Thursday 9/11/06 is set for the EGM. It was decided that the 12 nominees should get together as committee to decide roles.
Paul Isenwater is to organise a date for pre-EGM and contact members therein

4. Shop-Alan to view the prefab within ground with respect to starting work on refurbishment. Later Trust to make plans to clean, decorate and acquire sponsorship.

5. AOB- Paul Glendenning has draft of Polish translation inviting migrant workers to Haig Avenue on match days-it was thought a concession for Polish fans could be made as some sort of voucher scheme for example would engender enthusiasm within their community. Liaison with Haydn Preece regarding such a scheme however is essential. It was mooted that local people should be given a similar opportunity to support their local club.
The question of cost of signs was raised and Jon informed the meeting cost is £100-150.
Paul Glendenning suggested a tabard or badge could be worn on match days by committee members to identify them. Jon suggested that sponsorship should be sought for such a scheme.

Date of next meeting 26/10/06 at Grandstand Club.

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