Minutes Of Meeting - 12/04/07

Att 21
Apologies Phil Carder

Finances were advised as having surpassed £6500. The raffle for the corporate tickets raised £522 and membership increased to 341 including our youngest member Chloe Alcott and a new corporate member in Southport GB.

Auction night – Rob has approximately 30 items for auction including Carl Baker’s boots from his England appearance.
Jon is arranging an auctioneer for the evening and we are just waiting for confirmation.
Paul I has arranged a quiz, £1 for small teams, prizes to be arranged.

The format is:
Welcome & Introduction
Presentation to 100/200/300 members ( to be confirmed)
Auction – part 1
Refreshments (Jon to arrange)
Awards from Rob’s website
Auction – part 2

Alan to bring PA system
Projector is being sought either via the club or Dave Cooper
Jon has arranged for coverage in the local press

Branding – We now have been provided guidelines for branding for the logo, letterheads and website from a specialist in this field. This is now to be used on all correspondence and Dan has provided details on how to use this.
Dan has also advised that the website has a mailing system within it and will be used to resolve the problems previously incurred with mailers.

Corporate membership - Andy has build a database of 1500 local business and has now printed letters to send out. Flyers are in the process of being printed by Keith Mitchell advising on the benefits of corporate membership. This will be an ongoing project over the summer.

Supporters v Players – A date has finally been agreed from Saturday 5th May at 3pm at Haig Avenue. Press releases have now been sent out and prices have been set at £20 for a 45 min appearance on a first come first served basis.
The manager’s role will be auctioned on the auction night(lot 2) and admission on the day will be £4 for adults, £2 for concessions. In addition Trust In Yellow members will get a £1 discount.
Dan has agreed to produce a programme and arrangements for a referee and kit are to be followed up by Jon.
Carnival – Rob is to confirm on the plot, Julia is to design the game. The club has agreed to offer a season ticket to the winner of the game. Further plans will be discussed at the next meeting.

Questions to the board – the trust has received a letter from a member with a series of questions that he would like to put forward to the board. The chairman has advised that he is quite happy to sit round the table with a couple of members of the committee.
It was decided to discuss further, at a future meeting, on the best format for trust in yellow to address their member’s concerns about the club.

Due to the expected large crowd for the York game, it was agreed that Trust In Yellow maintain their profile by issuing further flyers highlighting the birthday party and the supporters match. Rob and Julia will arrange the fliers, volunteers are requested to meet at 2.15 to help distribute.

FA Trophy Final Coach – a few members had suggested running a coach to the new Wembley for the trophy final, but it was difficult to assess interest and with a heavy workload this project was decided not to be pursued.

Trust building – disability regulations have been checked and we have been advised that the regulations do not apply as long as reasonable steps are taken. Fire regulations have been checked – we require a fire door by the turnstile as well as access from a door leading from Haig Avenue and a window in the ground. The L shaped counter and the new window needs costing. A sign needs to be created for the front of the office.

Renewal packs – the renewal packs will include a welcome notice, trust aims and objectives, information on supporters direct and supporters trusts, trust achievements(Jon has produced a document) and a questionnaire.

Promotion of junior supporters – Julia has produced a sample wallet type document which will be developed further.

Any Other Business – suggested putting the newsletters in the libraries
Battle of the bands – Paul G is looking into promoting a competition for bands to entertain our younger members. This is a long term project and ill be investigated further by Paul G.
Minibus – it was suggested that we get confirmation from the club on the long term plans and development of the reserves before handing over the minibus funds. This was either in the format of questions to the board or directly to Tony Rodell and Jon Gauntrey.

Next Meeting – 10th May, 7.30pm Grandstand Club.

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