Minutes Of Meeting - 31/01/07

Att 25

Publicity for the directional signs has now been printed in the press. The trust is slightly disappointed that some of the quotes were edited and came across as slightly misleading. The online petition is now active and we have signatures building up. A manual petition will up and running for the Forest Green game and volunteers are required to help out on the day.

Next Match Signs – the sign at the Shelbourne has been vandalised and is currently out of action. The sign is repairable and will be re-installed in due course.

Seat storage – we have an offer from one of our members to store the seats from the old supporters club in his cellar as a short term alternative, in order to allow the redevelopment of the trust building to take place. We await the clubs approval.

Membership is now up to 327 with two new corporate memberships:

JF Griffiths & Son Barbers in Ormskirk - trust members will receive a 10% discount
Steve Wignall Landscapes

Coach travel has been fairly successful over the Christmas period with Northwich full and Salisbury and Morecambe fairly full.

Finances now stand at £4690. The trust year end is 31st Jan and Phil has the return forms in hand. Phil has also contacted the tax office to clarify our tax status. An audit needs to take place and it is intended to approach Moore and Smalley. The share certificate has now been received from the club, although no monies have been received from supporters direct as yet. We have also received standing order forms as an agent for the goalden goal.

Corporate membership is now being pushed by Andy Davis – A mail shot has been drafted and a database of local businesses has been targeted with the club offering to throw in some incentives in order to help us promote this.

The minibus appeal – it was suggested that we approach Kingswood to try and purchase their minibus due to their impending closure and also we have also been approached by a potential sponsor who is considering making a large donation towards the minibus appeal.

Sue Thomason has offered her services to produce a TIY calendar for 2008. The only costs involved would be those of printing and the idea was well received.

The book – Rob and Dan have explored some of the printing charges and they vary enormously from printer to printer. However it is expected costing could be around £5 per copy for 1000 copies for a 250 page book. Geoff Wilde has agreed to provide the missing stats and ground work continues to progress.

Trust auction – Rob has formed a decent collection of items for the auction. Carl Baker has promised to donate some items and also offered to attend on the day. The date is planned for the end of April and to coincide with the trust anniversary.

AOB – it was recommended that we try and push the club to promote the programme subscription.
The newsletter has been delayed, but an updated newsletter is now ready to be published.

Next meeting – Thursday 8th February 7.30pm Grandstand Club

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