Minutes Of Meeting - 08/02/07

Att 24
Apologies from Alan Drury, who as prevented from attending due to the weather.

Finances – Phil advised that the bank account stands at £4935. The audit is due and Moore and Smalley have agreed to undertake the audit. The annual return has to be sent by the end of July once the accounts have been audited.
Phil is still waiting for confirmation from the tax office regarding corporation tax and is confident that the trust will only have to pay tax on bank interest. We are still awaiting funds from Supporters Direct.
Standing orders have now been received for the goalden lottery and the trust have forwarded the information are awaiting confirmation from the club.
The trust webshop has just received a cheque for £43.92 which brings total payments so far to £231.80. There are over £80 worth of commissions still to be authorised and paid.

Membership stands at 333 including five corporate sponsors, The Wetland Trust, JF Griffith, Rewardaward, Steve Wignall and Moore & Smalley. We have been advised that Supporters Direct must be a member.

Coach travel is going well despite a blip for the Salisbury game when there were a lot of last minute cry offs. The trust has been forced to insist on deposits for those who constantly let us down. As of Thursday night the Tamworth coach had 39 booked and Cambridge bookings were at a reasonable level.

The Social calendar

The Auction Evening/ anniversary bash has been booked for the Grandstand Club on 26th April. Rob has built up a good collection of memorabilia.
The trust week will be build around the York game with the trust sponsoring the programme and planning a supporters match, half time entertainment and an evening event.
The casino night is being looked into and is provisionally planned for August/September.
An Audience With…. Is provisionally scheduled for 15th March, venue to be confirmed. The plan is to have a question and answer session with several ex-players from different eras. Alan D, Dan and Rob are to approach various suggested names to see if they are interested and available. Dan will design tickets and Julia has agreed to print them.
The players v supporters match is still a possibility and we await confirmation of dates before arranging.
The Grahame Lloyd evening was suggested for 20th April, but it was deemed to close to the York event and the auction event to be successful. This was recommended for September/ October
Race night is planned for Oct/Nov.
The carnival in scheduled for the 30th June and the trust want to continue to have a stall, but plan to have a money raising event such as a balloon race or a football target game(not a penalty shoot out). The club have agreed to donate prizes.

Reserve team bus – it was suggested that we look at the possibility of leasing a minibus as it may be cheaper. It was suggested that the trust have a bucket collection on match days to help raise money and promote the cause, but it was advised that the club have arranged for a lot of charity bucket collections at forthcoming games and we would wait under next season. However a small change jar was not objected to if put in strategic places.

The book – Dan and Rob advised that the costs of publishing the book would be a fixed fee of £750 which we will receive royalty fees from retailers if bought direct from the publisher and a charge of between £3.70 and £8 per book based on the quality of the cover. No money will be required to be paid out until 2008. The trust has agreed to back it and Rob and Dan plan to release a press release announcing this.
A list of subscribers is being started so the trust can identify numbers to print and Dan, Rob, Geoff Wilde, Haydn and Mick Hopkins have agreed to contribute. A sub committee is to be formed so the book can be worked at it’s own pace and will report to the main committee as and when appropriate.

Trust building – the club have now agreed to allow to seats to be moved to an off site location. Alan Drury has advised that he has the material for the renovations with plasterboard donated for the partition from the turnstiles. Steve Wignall has very kindly offered the use of his van to move the chairs and this will take place on Friday 16th February at 6pm. Enough volunteers offered their services to help out.

Directional Signs – around 500-600 signatures were gained at the FGR game and over 140 online. The aim is to close off this project by mid March and hand in to the council. The letter in the visitor was responded to and there is plenty of coverage on other trust websites. It was suggested that we try and get the backing of the Kew councillors to push our cause.
Next Match signs – the printer provided the wrong signs for the current game and this is being rectified. The Formby By Pass sign blew down in the wind, but has been fixed. The Shelbourne sign was vandalised, but has also been restored.
The two club signs have still not been installed and we need to investigate getting scaffolding to erect these signs.

A newsletter has been done and is in the process of being sent out. A further newsletter will be prepared for early March to promote the audience with… event.

The trust has received a large donation of programmes. An ebay account has been set up and Dan has agreed to photograph and catalogue them and cost the postage. We also have a selection of football boots to sell.

It was recommended that the trust look at getting bibs to help increase awareness of the trust and members on match days. It was noted that Mark Parr has a promotion for free lettering.
The recommendation of creating a standing order for donations similar to what Telford do was discussed. However it was recommended to push the paypal donation and standing orders for the goalden lottery instead.

Corporate Membership – Andy has built up a large database of local companies and have revised and sent out letters offering packages for corporate members. Anyone who knows of a local company that may be interested please contact corporate@trustinyellow.com in order to target more suitable companies first.

With reference to the complaints about the standard of catering, the trust have approached the club and received an official statement from the club. The official statement will be published on the trust website in due course.

The next meeting is scheduled for 22nd February at 7.30pm at the Grandstand Club.

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