Minutes Of Society Board Meeting -4th September

Apologies: Peter Rigby, Alan Jones, Alan Drury

Matters from Previous meeting not covered in agenda – John Siddle has asked if he can personally put forward his case for reduced travel costs at the next open meeting. The committee have no issues with this and welcome John to put forward his case. It was noted that John’s membership was about to relapse and that a renewal would be necessary to consider any proposal.


 Memberships – Rob advised that current members had fallen to around 180, but due to other commitments with the book etc, a lot of reminders were still to be issued. Martin offered to send out reminders to those on e-mail. Rob and Julia agreed to write to those without e-mail. This was for both individual members and corporate members.

 It was also noted that there was a lack of benefits for members other than subsidised coach travel and reduced entry to events and it would be put to the open meeting for further suggestions.

 Finances – the bank account currently stands at £11,736. This includes the final payment for the book which totalled £3600. The only payments still outstanding are the player sponsorship and payment for the modem in which we are still awaiting details from Colin on payment.

 Phil also advised that Barclays are being awkward about the mandate form which needs amending again.

 The book – Rob advised that there were 99 books available for sale at the time of the meeting and there were quite a few whom had paid a deposit, but had yet to pay the balance and collect.

 Race Night – The following people have already agreed to sponsor a race:

 Stroud Engineering

 Vice Presidents

 Players & Staff

 Michael & Susan Reece

 Palace Chemicals

 Further race sponsors and an overall sponsor were being sought. Alan Scarisbrick would contact Elite Coaches NW, Paul I would contact Mark Parr and the Scarisbrick Hotel. Costs are £25 for each race, £50 for the event. Horse and Jockeys and tickets for the night were available to purchase and quite a few had been sold. They would be available form the trust office, the club shop and any committee members. Alan S to sell on the Redditch coach. Tickets are £1 in advance and £2 on the night. Rob and Julia have printed the tickets. Horses are £3, jockeys £2.

 Tony Adams is running the event and is charging a small fee.

 Volunteers are required on the night to help on the door and with the tote. Paul G to contact Portland Wine about prizes.

Coach Travel – Alan advised that numbers were disappointing for Stafford. The next coach to Redditch was £15 and would leave Haig Ave at 11am. If we are drawn away in the qualifier of the FA Cup we will advise asap on costs and departure times. It was also noted that there was a rollover on the golden goal, with it currently standing at £37 and likely to go well over £50. It was also noted that hot and cold drinks were available to purchase and a new radio had been installed.

Heart Monitors - Huw Griffiths has left Chester before we could sell the heart monitors, so that option has now gone. The backup option is to sell them on e-bay. Alan Drury has set up an e-bay account and it was suggested that a reserve price of £800 should be put on the item. Phil to check the original invoice to confirm the quantity available to sell.

Newsletter – Martin asked if all submissions could be received by 21st September.

Review Of Meeting With Chief Executive – (minutes now available on trust website) The main outcome of the meeting:

Minibus is an option due to likely implementation of reserves nest season – approx. cost 10-12k (original minibus at 8k is no longer available)

Floodlights costs are beyond the means of the trust

Catering – to improve facilities via brick buildings would be beyond means of the trust. However the Trust agreed to write to Caterforce about current issues. Paul I to draft letter.

Grandstand – total renovation required would be beyond the means of trust, however the trust did agree to ringfence funds for improvements which stands at around £500. It would be discussed at the next open meeting as to whether this money would continue to be ringfenced.

Disabled facilities – cost - £12k-£15k, within budget. Likely to be able to reduce these costs. Centenary committee has 6K ringfenced for this project.

Cover – if done in modular stages, could be within trusts means, grants available. Martin agreed to contact some of the clubs/trusts in the league about costs. Trust to ask Steve Wignall to get a quote from a local business that he knows of.

Request for meeting with Club chairman sought. Paul I to put it in writing.

Minibus, Disabled Facilities and Cover would be shortlisted for member approval subject to agreement from club chairman.

Flyer scheme – going ahead in September, pushing Haydn for date so that we can get wording sorted for flyer and article. Alan J to draft article, Martin to look at wording on flyer.

Goalden lottery – trust to push that they are agents for goalden lottery at next meeting

Match sponsorship – to discuss if trust will take up at next open meeting. Issue is how to distribute places if agreed. Possible suggestion is donating sponsorship to a charitable cause. 

Meeting With Supporters Direct – Jacqui Forster has asked to attend a future meeting and has been invited to the next society board meeting.

Cover for Rob – Rob is not envisaging a long absence and the only request was for trust articles for the programme. Paul G offered to write the next article.

Band Nights – Camarillas are due to perform on Saturday and Alan D has heavily promoted. The next U-18 night is planned for 10th October, this will be a charity event. The next U-18 event after that is set for weekend of 24th/25th October where all profits will go to TIY. Paul G also advised that although the event featuring Fag Ash Lil was a non TIY event, we had been allowed to do a fundraiser on the night. Paul G/Alan S to follow up.

AOB – Rob suggested that we look at promoting the walk to Burscough on Boxing Day. It was suggested that there would be an option of sponsorship or making a donation.

Also TIY would look at arranging an end of season players v supporters match, this season. It was suggested that trust members would have first option in playing and a discounted fee.

Promote TIY forum and use for race night co-ordination.

Sam has offered to help re-design/update the trust website, need to clear with Dan Hayes that there is no issue.

More programmes have been donated to the trust and are available in the trust office.

 Next meetings scheduled:

         9th October – Open meeting

         6th November – Society board meeting with Jacqui Forster

         27th November – Open meeting

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