The Board of Trust In Yellow have decided that with the weather situation showing little sign of improvement this week the sensible thing to do it cancel our planned weekend away to Braintree next weekend.

We could of course delayed this decision, or even risked it and gone, but the last thing we wanted to do is have our members spend about £100 per person and travel as far as they would have to for a game that was cancelled.

We will of course be refunding all deposits paid to those who wish but we intend to still run a weekender and have decided that we will go to York for the game on the weekend of March 23rd to 25th and all deposits paid for the Braintree weekender will still be valid if you so wish. This promises to be a huge game for the club and with that in mind we intend to take two coaches to York. One will go for the weekend and 1 will travel on the day.

We are aware that supporters will want to go to Braintree if the match is to go ahead and with that in mind we intent to run a coach that will go there and back in a day for a flat fee of £30per member. This is based on a minimum amount of people booking and you should speak to Alan on 07980 911693 if you are interested. The coach will depart at 7am from Haig Avenue and bookings have to be made by 8pm Wednesday to allow us to make arrangements with our coach company. We appreciate that this is frustrating but we were going to have to pay the hotels today and that would have meant the trip would have been NON refundable for all concerned. If you have any questions or want to speak to Martyn about the York trip or refund details then please give him a call on 07837 526745.

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