Minutes of Board Meeting. 24th February

Minutes of Trust in Yellow Board Meeting - Thursday 24 February

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1.Minutes of previous meeting

The Trust has looked into the possibility of publishing a brochure in memory of Sally Devine with a collection of her photographs. The likely cost of printing 200 brochures is £660 if laminated, £360 non-laminated. There are many photos which the Trust does not currently have and further enquiries about obtaining these will be made before deciding whether to publish a brochure.

 2. Players’ reunion, 2011

Geoff Wilde was invited to the meeting to discuss the possibility of arranging this event, Geoff having previously organised three reunions. After considering the work likely to be involved, it was decided the Trust will take over the running of the next reunion.

 The reunion will take place in 2011, marking the club’s 130th year. A date in the autumn is found usually to be most convenient in allowing as many people as possible to attend. The Trust has already been in contact with the Floral Hall and will now see if a Sunday in October is available.

 Once a date is agreed, the Trust will look to form a sub-committee to make arrangements and begin the process of contacting former players. Geoff went through the likely work involved and kindly agreed to start making contact with the club’s former Football League players.

 Former Non-League players and supporters have been invited to previous reunions and will again be welcome.

 3. Treasurer’s Report

The Trust’s current balance stands at £10,759, with £863 in respect of future coach travel, including the weekend trip to Eastbourne. The Trust has run ten coach trips to date at a loss of £14. The net funds available to the Trust now total £9,851, having been boosted by a pledge scheme payment of £200 received from Steve Wignall.

4. Membership.

The current membership is 202.

5. Progress of floodlight project with the club

Since the last members’ meeting, the Trust has been in contact with the club regarding the issuing of shares in return for funds raised towards this project .The club has now agreed to this.   The Trust has sought advice from Supporters’ Direct and discussions with the club are continuing.

The club is now understood to be in the process of choosing its preferred company to complete the work, obtaining planning permission and making enquiries with the Football Foundation. The Trust will write to Charlie Clapham for an update on the club’s progress,

6. Fundraising

A quiz evening will be held on 26 April to mark the Trust’s fifth anniversary. Supporters can bid for their place in a team of four to take on a team captained by Liam Watson. A number of possible events will be looked into, including a supporters’ match, golf day, the “One Man Football Show” with Grahame Lloyd and key rings to tie in with the floodlights project. The Trust will look to gauge the interest in running a coach to the Conference play-off final at the City of Manchester Stadium in May.

7. Coach Travel

The weekend trip to Eastbourne on 5 March is fully booked but no coach will run to Bath City on Saturday due to insufficient demand.

The Trust has looked at the way prices for coach trips are published. The Trust’s aim is to break even on coach travel, with most matches priced on the basis that 25 people will travel and the fare reduced accordingly should more bookings be taken.

However, it has been suggested that the prices quoted can seem high and could deter fans from travelling. In the hope of encouraging more people to travel, the Trust will try publishing fares on the basis that more than 25 bookings will be taken. The coach to Rushden & Diamonds will be priced at £23 for members given that 30 people travel.

8. AOB

The board thanked Nick Catterall for his work with the Trust after his decision to step down from the board.

9. Dates of next meeting

Thursday, 24th March (members’ meeting)

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